2016 Fall Cleanse

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Our FREE Fall Workshop will get you back on track after this summer's fun in the
sun. Whether you overindulged on alcohol, sugar, or junk food for the past three
months or are run down from traveling and lack of sleep, the Cleanse workshop
will have you feeling more energized and healthier this fall.

  • Starts Monday, September 12th thru Sunday, September 25th
  • Daily Support from the Be Well team and fellow cleansers in a private Facebook Group
  • 3 Live Coaching Webinars, including kickoff with Dr. Lipman
  • Supercharge Your Cleanse e-book features tips on amplifying your detox

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“I finished the 2-week Cleanse, and I am into week three of the Dr. Lipman transformation. I am completely off coffee and love looking forward to my morning herbal tea with lemon. I have more energy than I ever have! I sleep like a baby. Best of all, my tummy is flatter than a pancake. This has been fantastic! I can't sing enough praises about the Be Well Cleanse!” – Stephanie

“I have lost 6 lbs. so far. My energy is better and sleeping better too.” – Jamie

“I feel great! I'm happy to have the tools and support to continue in this healthy journey. I have noticed a remarkable difference in my memory, concentration and energy since the Cleanse began. My 4-year-old daughter loves playing the bb game, and I realize my memory game skills have improved drastically much to my little one's dismay.” – Tracy

“Wish we could arrange a group potluck buffet and get-together to celebrate, exchange, connect on this realistic lifelong commitment to the best health each of us can and will achieve. I'm profoundly impressed with the group's all-inclusive, engaging collaboration and truly grateful for having Dr. Lipman and the Be Well team support, in every way, for each and every one of us.” – Kristel

“So thankful I tried this program. A few life changes and challenges threw me off course for 6 months and once I started the Cleanse, I felt so much better. I have lost most of the weight that crept up these past few months and started working out again. I have more energy and the carb cravings have been tamed—dare I say, they’ve disappeared. For me, weaning off of coffee prior to starting was a huge help.” – Karen

“I’m feeling lighter, more aware and even more grateful!” – Linda