About Be Well

About Be Well®

We are dedicated to helping you feel, look and live better every day.

Be Well is about EVERYDAY PERFORMANCE — because we all want to be at our best every day.

In the ever-expanding market for wellness, we face many confusing options, from celebrity-driven juice cleanses to products that offer fleeting quick fixes.

However, if you are seeking a brand that is genuinely committed to helping you create authentic — and sustainable — life changes, BE WELL by DR. FRANK LIPMAN is first and foremost.

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Frank Lipman, BE WELL is based on a basic, but often life-changing principle: Restoring internal balance is the key to handling the stresses of modern life and improving everyday performance.

Dr. Lipman’s life-long passion for helping people achieve long-term health is the driving force behind BE WELL We offer products, services and content designed to increase health and well-being through leading-edge supplements, detoxification programs, educational health content, corporate wellness programs, and personalized health coaching.

BE WELL is more than just a cleanse, shake, or supplement. Based in Functional Medicine, we articulate an overall lifestyle that incorporates all of the building blocks of health, including nutrition, exercise, quality sleep, stress management, and supplementation where needed to maximize health.

Because we all want to be at our best every single day



Get the same supplements and shakes
used by Dr. Lipman in his practice.