10 Surprising Results on the Cleanse

As my teacher Joshua Rosenthal at Integrative Nutrition always said, “given half a chance, the body will heal itself.”

In the past three years of supporting patients and customers on the Be Well Cleanse, I’ve heard lots of common responses: more energy, weight loss, better digestion.

There have also been some more quirky or uncommon results that are pretty wonderful. These certainly won’t happen to everyone. It’s hard to say if they are the result of cleaning up your diet, taking the digestive supplements or the protein shakes — or maybe a combination of all three. Either way, these surprising results are worth celebrating!

1. Waking up before the alarm clock

This is one of my favorite things to hear when people go on the Cleanse!  What could be better than sleeping soundly and waking up before the alarm clock starts buzzing and beeping? There’s no better sign that your body is well-rested and ready to start the day.

2. Dark circles disappeared

A number of people have seen the dark rings under their eyes go away. One woman reported to us that she was “astounded” by the disappearance of the of the life-long black circles under her eyes.

3. “My pants fit, my rings fit, my shoes fit.”

Puffiness be gone! Sometimes when you need to lose weight, you only focus on areas like the stomach and hips. But it can be great to feel small changes like your rings and shoes fitting better too.

4. PMS symptoms reduced

People have reported to me that typical PMS symptoms like headaches, cravings, mood swings, and disrupted sleep have gotten much better.

5. More energy without coffee

This is something I actually hear quite often. As one woman put it, “I never knew the non-caffeinated version of me could feel so good.”

6. Compulsive eating has decreased

Food cravings, overeating, snacking and compulsive eating often subside on the Cleanse.

7. Enjoying cooking

“My family was shocked to see how interesting food can be when it’s not from a package. It’s actually kind of fun!”

8. Discovering food sensitivities

I’ve had people tell me that through the Cleanse elimination diet they discovered that anything from nightshade veggies to soy, eggs, gluten, dairy, artificial sweeteners or even strawberries were culprits causing food sensitivities. People have told me that strawberries caused a scratchy throat, dairy caused digestive problems, or artificial sweeteners caused headaches. Everyone is different, but when you can pinpoint these food sensitivities it makes a huge difference.

9. Pain diminished

People have reported that symptoms like fibromyalgia pain went from a “9 to a 3” or that before they were taking Advil every day to manage pain and now don’t need to take any. I’ve also seen people with headaches, migraines and back pain have great improvements.

10. Cancelled plans to go to an info session about Gastric Bypass surgery and got tickets to see Swan Lake instead!


As you can see, cleansing can be a really eye-opening experience with all sorts of great side effects along the way.

If you are new to the Cleanse and would like more information, please visit our Cleanse page.

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