11 Healthy Ways to Satisfy Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnant and craving ice cream, cheeseburgers, or sushi? The best way to prevent pregnancy cravings is to eat a nutrient-dense diet, which will ensure that your own nutrient needs are met, as well as your growing baby. But, if your cravings are getting the better of you, try these 11 nutritious and totally satisfying swaps:

If You Crave: A pint of ice cream
Try: Chia pudding or sheep’s-milk or coconut yogurt

If you’re craving ice cream, your body might want some healthy fats. Try creamy full-fat yogurt made from either sheep’s milk, goat’s milk or coconut. Sheep and goat’s milk are generally better tolerated and easier to digest than cow’s milk. Chia pudding is another yummy, creamy treat that might hit the spot. Chia seeds are loaded with healthy fat, filling fiber and can even help combat constipation.

If You Crave: A hot cup of coffee
Try: Bone broth

It might sound strange, but if you’re craving something warm and comforting in the morning, try bone broth, which is high in gut-healing collagen and rich in minerals too! Get creative and add spices and herbs to customize it, such as turmeric, fresh cilantro, lemongrass, ginger and black pepper. Check out Brodo: A Bone Broth Cookbook for endless ideas.

If You Crave: A fast-food hamburger
Try: Grass-fed beef wraps

Burger cravings are common during pregnancy and can be a sign you need a bit more iron. Instead of succumbing to the drive-thru window, make some quick patties out of grass-fed meat — rich in vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) — and wrap them in some Boston lettuce or collard greens leaves with your favorite toppings (I love avocadoes!) and condiments.

If You Crave: French fries
Try: Baked sweet potato fries

Ditch the starchy white potatoes fried in industrial vegetable oils and go with a more nutrient-rich option. Cut your sweet potatoes into sticks, toss with coconut oil and sprinkle on Celtic or Himalayan Sea Salt. These salts are full of important trace minerals that you and your baby need.

If You Crave: Pizza
Try: A gluten-free wrap topped with tomato sauce and goat cheese, sheep’s milk feta or buffalo mozzarella

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could try making a gluten-free cauliflower crust. But, for a quick fix, take a gluten-free wrap, brush it with olive oil, top with crushed tomatoes and your choice of toppings, and sprinkle on some sheep’s milk cheese, goat cheese or buffalo mozzarella. Pop it in the oven for a few minutes and enjoy with a big arugula salad! (p.s. These Capello’s pizzas are not a bad option either.)

If You Crave: A big glass of OJ
Try: A green coconut smoothie

If you’re thirsting for orange juice, your body might hankering for some vitamin C. Instead of downing a glass of OJ, which is loaded with natural sugars and usually fiber-free, try an actual orange. Even better? Whip up a green smoothie that includes vitamin-C-rich foods and add some natural healthy fats from coconut. You can add coconut butter or use frozen coconut meat with makes the drink more creamy and delicious.

If You Crave: A big bag of sour candy
Try: Berries

If you feel like candy and crave that sweet-and-sour combination, reach for fresh, organic berries, which are lower in sugar than most other fruits! Pour them into a pretty candy bowl, and savor one at a time.

If You Crave: Deep-fried stuff
Try: Avocados

Give your body the healthy fats it’s craving by adding avocados to tacos and salads and wraps. In a pinch, just halve and pit an avocado, squeeze on some lemon juice, sprinkle with high-quality salt, and eat.

If You Crave: Anything sugary
Try: Fermented foods

Eating fermented foods can help restore balance to our gut and keep sugar cravings at bay. Try feeding your gut some good bacteria to help keep it strong and in balance.

If You Crave: Sushi
Try: Wild salmon

If you’re missing out on sushi, try replicating the flavor with cooked wild salmon, a great source of omega-3 fatty acids that both you and your growing baby need. Cook your salmon using coconut aminos and some fresh ginger (a great way to combat nausea). Place it on top of a little rice and serve alongside a nice seaweed salad (hello iodine and minerals!) So satisfying and so delicious.

If You Crave: An entire bag of potato chips
Try: Himalayan Sea Salt

When the salt craving hits, it’s time to listen up! Add pretty, pink Himalayan Sea salt to all your foods and even add some to your drinking water to help you better absorb the liquids you’re consuming. Salt is one the most important nutrients in the first trimester and is full of trace minerals.

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