16 of My Favorite Health Stories of The Year

Retha R. Newbold – The New York Times
1) Warnings From a Flabby Mouse! The only difference between these 2 mice is that the top one was exposed at birth to just one part per billion of an endocrine-disrupting chemical. The brief exposure programmed the mouse to put on fat, and although there were no differences in caloric intake or expenditure, it continued to put on flab long after the chemical was gone. Important piece by Nicholas Kristof.  http://goo.gl/8KRXsR

2) 12 of the worst hormone disrupters, how they do their dirty deeds, and some tips on how to avoid them. The Dirty Dozen List of Endocrine Disruptors from the fine peeps at Environmental Working Group. http://goo.gl/70j0qs

3) What we can Learn from the 100 Trillion Bacteria That Make Up Your Microbiome. Michael Pollan explains in an excellent (though long) piece on the importance of those bacteria in your gut. http://goo.gl/SIHrH

4) Gut feelings: the future of psychiatry may be inside your stomach! The right combination of stomach microbes could be crucial for a healthy mind. http://goo.gl/Sc9RDK

5) Study Finds Autism May Start in The Gut. http://goo.gl/QAT30T

6) More and more research is confirming that there is a link between the bacterial population in our intestines and our health. http://goo.gl/1Qmgaa

7) The latest Scoop on Poop…..Poop in a Pill…..to cure serious gut infections! Something I have been predicting for awhile….had to happen. First fecal transplants and now in pill form, coming to a Pharmacy near you. http://goo.gl/QXBz5t

8) The Bad Seed: The Health Risks of Genetically Modified Corn. http://goo.gl/MsZqmi

9) Research Shows that Monsanto’s Big Claims for GMO Food Are Probably Wrong.  http://goo.gl/b2hR1l

10) Factory farmed animals are pumped full of antibiotics to make them gain weight. Avoid them otherwise so will you! http://goo.gl/QKm73

11) Food really is addictive: Study finds brain activity similar to heroin users after eating certain processed foods. http://goo.gl/ZKFSnz

12) How Food Companies exploit Americans with ingredients banned in other countries!! http://goo.gl/x0if8

13) Meet the Doctor Big Pharma Can’t Shut Up! The pharmaceutical industry has compromised the Western medical establishment and hooked America on drugs. One psychiatrist is fighting back. http://goo.gl/B2U4Nt

14) We usually assume that new medical procedures and drugs are adopted because they are better. But a new analysis has found that more than 40% of established practices studied were found to be ineffective or harmful. Moreover, many doctors persist in using practices that have been shown to be useless or harmful. http://goo.gl/TbZ0Mo

15) Meditation affects a person’s brain function long after the act of meditation is over, according to new research. http://goo.gl/qYT8yQ

16) Relax! You’ll Be More Productive.  A new and growing body of multidisciplinary research shows that strategic renewal — including daytime workouts, short afternoon naps, longer sleep hours, more time away from the office and longer, more frequent vacations — boosts productivity, job performance and, of course, health. http://goo.gl/6BU5S

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