Video: 2017 New Year Cleanse Workshop with Dr. Frank Lipman and Amanda Carney

Be Well Cleanse

It’s Day 5 of the 2017 Be Well Cleanse Workshop! More than 1,500 people signed up for the group cleanse that began Monday — and to support them, Dr. Frank Lipman and health coach Amanda Carney kicked off the workshop a few days ago with a fun, informative video that answers all of your Cleansing questions.

For example, have you experienced fatigue or headaches the first few days? Here’s why, according to Dr. Lipman:

“Why you feel so bad the first few days is because you’re detoxing. Sugar is a drug. A lot of these refined carbs are drugs. So, I’m sorry to tell you folks, but most of us — myself included — are drug addicts. I’ve been through this probably 50 times, trying to get off sugar. Sugar works on the same areas of the brain as heroin and cocaine, so it’s just like in a 12-Step Program: “Hi, my name is Frank Lipman, and I am a sugar addict.”

When you stop sugar, refined carbs, processed foods — coffee is also a big one — you have all sorts of symptoms: you feel tired, have headaches, but that tends to turn around after 2-4 days. That’s not atypical, and that’s actually a good sign because it means you needed to get rid of something in your diet.”

For more tips and insight into the Be Well Cleanse, check out the workshop video below.

And, be sure to join us next Tuesday at 4pm EST when Be Well health coaches Amanda Carney and Alexandra Samit offer more tips on how to enhance your Be Well Cleanse! (Those of you on the group Cleanse will receive details in your inbox Monday night.)

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