3 Key Reasons to Avoid Mineral Oil

Man Applying Face Cream

Also called “liquid petroleum,” “paraffin oil,” and “white mineral oil,” mineral oil has long been used in a number of industries, including biomedicine, veterinary medicine, mechanical, electrical, and industrial. Nowhere is its use more debated, however, than in the cosmetics industry. 

Used to be mineral oil was a popular moisturizer in skin and hair products. People have relied on it for decades, and things like baby oil and Vaseline are old favorite applications. But lately, this ingredient has gotten a lot of bad press. What’s the problem?

What is Mineral Oil?

Mineral oil is a colorless and odorless oil that’s made from petroleum—as a by-product of the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. It’s long been used as a common ingredient in lotions, creams, ointments, and cosmetics. It’s lightweight and inexpensive, and helps reduce water loss from the skin.

What’s the Problem?

Those of us who care about natural, nutritious products for skin don’t like mineral oil for several reasons. Here are my top three reasons to avoid it. 

1. It May be Contaminated with Toxins

Mineral oil is available in different grades. At the bottom of the list, so to speak, is “technical” grade, which is used to lubricate engines and equipment. The World Health Organization (WHO) has found that this unpurified form contains contaminants that have been linked in studies to an increased risk of cancer. A 2011 report by the National Toxicology Program, for example, stated, “Untreated and mildly treated mineral oils are known to be human carcinogens based on sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity from studies in humans.” 

Cosmetics, on the other hand, use “cosmetic grade” mineral oil, which is more purified than technical grade. Studies have not linked this oil with cancer, but scientists have expressed concern about it. A 2011 study, for example, reported that contamination could be a relevant source of “mineral oil contamination.” Researchers stated, “There is strong evidence that mineral oil hydrocarbons are the greatest contaminant of the human body, amounting to approximately 1 gram per person. Possible routes of contamination include air inhalation, food intake, and dermal [skin] absorption.”

The went on to remove fat specimens from women who underwent cesarean sections, and also collected milk samples from the women after delivery. They found that both fat and milk samples were contaminated with mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons—and stated that these compounds likely accumulated over time from repeated exposure. “Cosmetics might be a relevant source of the contamination,” they stated.

An earlier 2008 study noted a similar concern about “mineral oil contamination,” and stated that it has “not been proven convincingly” that this contaminant can be tolerated without health concerns. “It has been shown that the molecular mass of the mineral paraffins [another name for mineral oil] resorbed by our body is higher than assumed by the safety evaluation of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Further, probably a majority of the mineral oil products are not ‘white paraffin oils’: they easily contain 30% aromatic component, a substantial proportion being alkylated adding to the health risk.”

In lay terms, that means that these scientists are concerned that much of the mineral oil we are exposed to on a daily basis does contain contaminants that could affect our health. They’re also stating that this topic has not been sufficiently studied to really put our minds at ease. 

2. It Clogs Pores

Mineral oil is considered “comedogenic,” which means it can clog your pores and increase the risk of acne and blackheads. The more refined, the less comedogenic, but there’s no way to know (unless the company is willing to tell you) how purified the mineral oil is that’s in your product. The highest grade available is called “pharmaceutical grade,” or “mineral oil USP.”

Even this high grade of mineral oil can trap ingredients in your pores, however, because the oil is an “occlusive agent”—which means that it forms a physical barrier over your skin to reduce moisture loss. So if you already have bacteria on your skin (most likely), or if you have other ingredients in your product that can clog pores, even the most refined mineral oil will keep all of that close and tight to your skin, increasing risk of breakouts. 

3. It Doesn’t Give Your Skin Anything Beneficial

For me, this is probably the best reason to avoid mineral oil. Yes, it may contribute to body contamination, and it may make you break out. But most of all, it’s not doing anything for your skin. It’s not infusing it with nutrients. It’s not providing hydration that actually goes into the skin where it counts. It’s just sitting there on the top of the skin preventing moisture loss.

That may have been okay fifty years ago, but today we have so many better alternatives! We have natural plant extracts, nut butters, natural oils, and more that provide so many benefits, including essential fatty acids that plump up skin, antioxidants to fight free radical damage, and nutrients to help maintain skin firmness. Why settle for a film made from petroleum when you can do so much more for your skin? 

Do you avoid mineral oil? Please share your thoughts.


Mineral Oils: Untreated and Mildly Treated,Report on Carcinogens, Twelfth Edition (2011), National Toxicology Program, Department of Health and Human Services.

Concin N, et al., “Evidence for cosmetics as a source of mineral oil contamination in women,J Womens Health 2011 Nov; 20(11):1713-9.

Wiley-Blackwell. “Mineral Oil Contamination In Humans: A Health Problem?” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 24 November 2008.

  • bobby

    it’s not comedogenic…

  • Mo’s Madafaka◾آمنة بنت وهب

    Are you paid by Estee Lauder Comp. Inc. for spreading the lies about mineral oil?

  • Steven Thomas

    Yes this stuff is awful, I try to avoid it as much as I possibly can. It makes me break out horribly with cystic acne. It’s true there is no benefit to your skin what so ever. Once I removed the mineral oils from my daily routine, my cystic acne went away and has not returned. Mos Mada below wants to attack he facts you’re providing, but isny offering one bit of info to counter anything you’re saying.

  • Steven Thomas

    Provide so proof to back up your claims that the info above (any of it) is incorrect. According to the FDA and real world testing, this info is pretty correct and based upon facts and not opinions. #YouAreAFail

  • Steven Thomas

    Besides, I’d rather listen to a doctor over Mickey Mouse in a burka, jeez

  • Solo Atkinson

    “There is strong evidence that mineral oil hydrocarbons are the greatest contaminant of the human body”

    In this article you’re systematically confusing potential contaminants of the mineral oil with the hydrocarbons that comprise the mineral oil, which you also call a contaminant when it’s in the human body.

    You’re relying on the reader to be afraid of the words “hydrocarbon” and “petroleum” through pure superstition, as if they’re drinking gasoline.

    Chemicals can be toxic but not for your brainless reasons. Your article is a foggy mess.

  • Basil
  • Leah Tillie

    Bah humbug! I recently read an article about cleaning your ears with mineral oil, and because I also read that cue tips push the wax further into your ears, I ran out and bought some mineral oil ($4), it’s gone up a lot since I last bought it. So I get home and decide to look up uses for mineral oil and this is the first thing I find. So do I throw it away and where do I dispose of it?

  • Margot Heinessy

    mineral oil is a main ingredient in Bio Oil which sells for quite a sum. A bottle of mineral oil costs under 2 dollars in any drug or dept. store. It has made the most improvement on my aging skin. My mother-in-law used mineral oil for years and she had the most supple, smooth skin of anyone I have known. With all of the constantly changing opinion on every product and/or ingredient under the sun, I will stick to what has been a tried and true for me. Save your money-the big cosmetic companies are more concerned with a profit than they are about the skin that you yourself are in !

  • lemonpie

    It does not clog pores. If you get breakouts from mineral oil it’s usually because there is something else in that lotion that your skin doesn’t like (often fragrance including essential oils).
    And it DOES give your skin something beneficial: Moisture. Mineral oil is excellent for dry, sensitive skin and skin that is prone to breakouts.

  • katyll

    More hubris over a beauty product. Mineral oil is the main component in baby oil, which I’ve been using since I was a teenager to remove eye makeup (esp. waterproof makeup.) My skin is perfect. I’ve never had breakouts, and interestingly, I have no lines and no wrinkles near my eyes. Correlation isn’t causation, true, but since so much of beauty and cosmetics is purely subjective, I’d say that at the least, mineral oil hasn’t harmed me at all. At most, it’s a cheap, quick way to remove waterproof makeup, and it’s easy to get off your face before all the alleged ‘horrors’ infect your system.

  • NYCNanny

    You actually don’t know that it hasn’t harmed you. You have it in your blood. You may have been very harmed already…
    That’s the problem with all these comments. We are talking long term health problems. This is serious stuff. Nobody listens and then they get cancer and run to the cancer treatment center for America to get chemo and its a whole cycle. Wake up. Something is making us sick.
    I wish you the best.

  • RL

    Your skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs everything you put on it. It also creates a layer on your skin that doesn’t allow your skin to properly breathe or release toxins. If you can’t eat what you are putting on your skin, you probably shouldn’t put it on at all.

  • Mark

    Bunch of made of mambo jumbo, lies and fake supporting Internet links provided in “Sources”.
    The first one :
    “Mineral Oils: Untreated and Mildly Treated,” Report on Carcinogens, Twelfth Edition (2011), National Toxicology Program, Department of Health and Human Services
    – links to a document “http://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/ntp/roc/twelfth/profiles/MineralOils.pdf” – which does not exist and never existed
    – there is absolutely nothing, anywhere in the “Report on Carcinogens…” about mineral oils. Not a word.
    – for non-believers – here is the original list of carcinogens :http://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/ntp/roc/content/listed_substances_508.pdf

    The second “Source” ..”Concin N, et al….” – the study concludes “Cosmetics might be a relevant source of the contamination.” Yes, everything else might as well.

    The third “Source” …”Wiley-Blackwell. …” talks about …” 100,000 tonnes of sunflower oil were contaminated with mineral oil”. Somethings that happened in Ukraine. This was later spotted by a Western oil importer. What this has to do with anything. In particular that the real problem was “….majority of the mineral oil products were not “white
    paraffin oils” …. but contained 30 % aromatic components….

  • Heather Grunwald Janco

    It is very confusing. I also have always used mineral oil to remove eye makeup. I have tried expensive eye makeup removers and they always leave my skin dry. I do not have any wrinkles around my eyes. My mother never used mineral oil and she had wrinkles and cancer. Also, the person with the softest skin I have ever felt uses Vaseline lotion. I use to get compliments from hair dressers on how soft and healthy my hair was. When I told them what I used they would say the product I was using with mineral oil was bad for my hair. They would sell me something expensive and it never worked as well.

  • Jackelin J. Jarvis

    Any oil will remove eye makeup even almond and olive

  • Irene Robinson

    Here in the West, where it is very, very dry, even dermatologists will sometimes recommend a product like petroleum jelly, or products with cosmetic grade mineral oil. Yes, it creates an inpenetrable shield, but that shield is needed here to prevent the moisture in your skin from evaporating into the air, which it is prone to do with our 4% humidity levels! What do you think you are putting on your lips when you use a lip gloss or “chapstik” like product? They prevent chapping because they trap moisture in the lips, and prevent moisture from your tongue, (or wet air) from getting to the skin on the lips.

  • Yoli

    There are other options that you can you use that do not contain mineral oil or petroleum jelly. I use lip balms and body butters and lotions that do not contain these ingredients and they keep me moisturized and protected through winters. I use products containing shea, cocoa, or mango butter. Beeswax in a lip balm will work well also. Avocado, castor, olive, and many other carrier oils can serve as sealing oils that can protect your skin, provide you with nutrients and vitamins your skin can benefit from. I try to use products that only use natural ingredients and their small company only started using natural ingredients. I do not trust companies that have been pushing products on us knowing the ingredients were harmful or at least questionable. If you need product suggestions I can list some that I have tried over the years with great results!

  • Bryan Ng

    Can you eat moisturizer? Can you eat your cleanser? If you can’t eat those two products I just mentioned, why not you just stop cleansing and moisturizing altogether, “since you can’t eat it”. That’s just the most stupid sentence I’ve ever seen on the internet, and that’s saying alot considering it is the internet.

  • Lisa

    I’m with you. I live in the cold dry climate of Saskatchewan and I have an enormously difficult time finding anything that keeps my skin from being horribly dry. I finally found one, Aquaphor by Eucerin. It’s consistency is much like Vaseline but on damp skin it absorbs better than that. It is the ONLY thing that works for me… After hearing about mineral oil I checked and yes, it’s in there.

    I’m 48 years old and have tried many things. I’m glad to hear that some statements debunking the mineral oil scare because I need this stuff and …. You can’t run with everything you read online these days.

  • Kyoko Sakata

    Bump FDA. They don’t do their own testing hence why they are always recalling some drug or surgery a couple of years after it has been on the market and destroyed lives.

  • Kyoko Sakata

    The point is if you wouldn’t put it IN your body why would you put it on your body. Out bodies come from the earth and does its best from things OF the earth. The crap man is making to nourish skin or hair is adding toxins to the body causing problems down the line. I am sure you have heard of Alzheimer’s being linked to aluminum. Many antiperspirants have it and the masses put it on every day.

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon

    (Comedogenic means the potential to clog pores). Lower grade mineral oils are not suitable for skin. A low grade mineral oil can clog pores. But a cosmetic grade oil does not (or only minimally)

  • Jon
  • Aly

    How do you know if something has mineral oil in it?

  • Dee

    Bryan Ng: Yes, I can eat my skin moisturiser and cleanser and I can even drink my household cleaner (& no, it’s not vinegar! & people have commented that they love the smell). So, does this make your comment about yourself and not about RL?

  • Dee

    Um, no! I suggest you grab a science book and read how long it takes to get into your body, it sounds like you’d be surprised. Hopefully you’re passed the age of having/wanting (more?) children, as the effects on them is not posting nor wholly known.

  • jimmy kraktov

    The bottoms of my heels, when they dry out, feel like they’re severely bruised. I can’t walk on them. The reason my heels dry like they do isn’t important here. What I’ve used successfully for a few years now is Mineral Oil USP. It keeps my skin on the heels moisturized and hasn’t caused me a bit of problem. It’s unfair to talk about products that use mineral oil in them along with other ingredients. The other ingredients could be causing the problem. Pure Mineral Oil USP when used alone, is not a problem for your skin if used sparingly. A very little bit goes a long way. I wouldn’t recommend this article to anyone! Very misleading.

  • I have used mineral oil which is meant for human consumption to remove my makeup since it is the only thing that does not irritate my skin. Cosmetic makeup removers burn my skin and eyes. Since my favorite foundation makeup which I used for over 40 years was discontinued because it contained mineral oil, I have found that 99.9% of makeups on the market which I have tried irritate my skin because all of these so-called natural ingredients are irritating to sensitive skin. If you can drink mineral oil for stomach issues, why would it be bad for the skin? Bring back my old makeup. I am suffering out here without it.

  • Amy Yang

    Maybe (just maybe) you can check the ingredient list. Good luck.

  • jimmy kraktov

    I use ‘Mineral Oil USP’ for dry skin on my heels. I also use it, as the label says it can be, as a laxative. I’ve taken Mineral Oil USP as a laxative for the last 60 yrs, without any problem.

  • jimmy kraktov

    Supposedly ‘reputable’ companies don’t always live up the their reputation as responsible corporate citizens. I just read a lengthy article, in the January 6, 2016 NYTimes. It went into great detail about how the DuPont Corp. has, since the early ’60s, been using a chemical known as “PFOA, short for perfluorooctanoic acid, that is used in the manufacture of non-stick cooking utensils. It’s poison and has been detected Worldwide in blood from humans and animals. The drinking water for 100s of thousands of people has been poisoned, and they knew it. Just because a company is huge and well known doesn’t mean that they have our best interests and good health in mind as they hawk their wares. Beware!!

  • Yoli

    Not good information. Mineral oil does not give you moisture. It creates a barrier on your skin that will retain the moisture on your skin but with all the negatives everyone would be better off finding a natural oil or butter to do the dame. Mineral oil does clog pores and it is not good for sensitive and acne prone skin! Synthetic fragrances can cause cosmetic acne. Essential oils for most people will not cause the same issues (like triggering allergy symptoms) like synthetic fragrances. If the essential oils are not used properly, like diluting with water or a carrier oil, then it may cause irritation but nothing like long term use of harsh chemicals.

  • Gitaelia

    That is based on the assumption that botanical products are better for you. However, I have extensive plant based allergies. They could kill me. It’s that bad. I am totally rolling back 50 years to old school tallow, petroleum, mineral oil, stone based colorants, etc. As a population, we are getting sicker. Perhaps that is part of the problem.

  • Jj

    I don’t think so cause they own La Mer which their best seller is basically whipped mineral oil with a tiny amount of the “secret” sea blend…

  • Z C

    I myself have tried many skin care products and the only ones that work really well for my skin are the ones that do not contain mineral oil. He also has a point why I put something in there that has no beneficial properties for the skin its just a filler . The cheaper ones that don’t work well at all they all have mineral oil in them. And I’m not a skincare snob or anything like that. Try skin care products like Curel that don’t contain mineral oil and you will definitely feel the difference.

  • Z C

    That was HILARIOUS.

  • Z C

    So what do you use on your skin? Would you eat it? This is a serious question I just want to know. I’m all about all natural stuff as well I just really curious what you used after making a comment like that which was a bit amusing. I’m always up to hear about the latest and greatest all natural skin care stuff

  • BadTigz

    um….mineral oil is rated 0 on the cosmedogenic scale.
    Are you sure you are a real doctor?

  • Isabella Chen

    Baby oil is terrible. I suffer from dry skin every winter and use some form of moisturiser, usually natural massage oil from Body Shop. This year, my sister in law left a batch of baby oil at my place after she came to visit with her toddler. I thought I might as well use them up instead of buying even more oil After using 1 bottle, by skin became very dry and brittle. This never happened with the natural massage oil.

  • pfft

    coconut oil

  • Z C

    I love using coconut oil for makeup remover. At Kroger you can get it for $6 for big 2 pound container of it

  • I agree – it totally does that trick!

  • That’s right Isabella. Baby oil is mainly mineral oil too and certainly not something we’d recommend using.

  • Crystal Newhope

    I don’t understand why it would be on the market and why it would the label states that it can be used internally to promote intestinal lubrication if it was really as bad as you imply.

  • Crystal Newhope

    oh, and by the way, I did my own little experiment in my kitchen. Mineral oil doesn’t just sit there. It takes on the characteristics of what it is infused with.

  • S ianson

    Because the petrol companies that own Johnson and Johnson would otherwise have to pay to get rid of this otherwise useless toxic waste, until one of them had the genius idea to market it and actually get idiots to buy their waste of them.

  • Christy Blackwell

    I use mineral oil all the time instead of lotion. It makes my skin feel so good and soft. I exfoliate and let my skin breathe in-between days of using the oil. If this is true, I’m heartbroken!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christy Blackwell

    That makes sense

  • S

    You would no doubt have good skin no matter what you put on it, some people just do, but it’s a very wrong assumption to think the toxins and mutagens in mineral oil would affect the area it was applied to, that’s the whole point, from the second it contacts your skin it’s absorbed to cause problems everywhere and anywhere else in the body, no matter how quick you are, imagine spilling oil on a piece of paper, no matter how quick you are you can never wipe it all away. There have been many scientific studies into mineral oil of all purities and only a compleate fool would think this ‘stuff’ that has come from a barrel of crude oil is anything but completely toxic. Asbestos, thalidomide, cigarettes to name just a few things that were once safe products pushed on the public by money makers who don’t give a damn about you or I.

  • S

    For every petrochemical waste product there is a real natural product which they have tried to imitate, in this case you should be using cold pressed organic coconut oil or cold presses organic red palm oil, nature’s products which petrochemical has tried to imitate to sell you all their toxic waste they can’t get rid of

  • katyll


  • katyll

    You do know that the main ways the body removes toxins is through the kidneys and liver, right?

  • Irene Robinson

    Hoping that I will “enjoy my cancer” is not a kind nor appropriate way to respond to someone who disagrees with you. I am well over 65 years old and I have never had cancer, nor do I wish to, although I know many health ‘fanatics’ who shop exclusively in health food stores who do have it, and have died from it. Your response (including all the bad grammar and spelling) simply illustrates your stupidity.

  • Fred Thompson, DVM

    Mineral oil is also known as ‘liquid petroleum’? In what country is that? Here in the U.S., liquid petroleum is a highly flammable fuel. Maybe you need to find something to do other than writing if your articles contain such ‘facts’ as baby oil and fuel being the same thing.

  • laurakraber

    For more information on mineral oil’s relationship to petroleum, you can read the Wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mineral_oil

  • Char
  • Nolan Diamond

    I always use medicated lip saver with camphor 1% & menthol 1% . They are the only 2 ingredients that relieve irritating dry lips for me on a daily basis.

  • D Smith

    So you are saying that your skin absorbs your clothes too?

    But seriously, the molecules in mineral oil are too large to be absorbed through the pores in your skin. This is somewhat acknowledged in the article by mentioning that it clogs your pores, but it is actually a feature of this oil. You use it after washing up so your skin is already moisturized. The oil holds that moisture in. If you are in a very cold, harsh, dry, and/or windy climate this is a GOOD thing by helping you stay warm, moisturized, and protecting your skin from the elements. An oil that is absorbed by the skin will not protect you from this for long.

    I am a proponent and user of healthy plant based products yet still this article goes too far-reaching regarding mineral oil. It is not entirely factual by any means. It is wrong in more ways than one…

  • D Smith

    I’m all for healthy products and all…many of the oils I use are pure plant based oils but not for the reasons mentioned in this article. This really is scare tactics here. Mineral oil may not be an ideal oil but it’s nothing like what this article makes it out to be.

    First of all they conveniently omit any mention of the purest mineral oil of all…food grade mineral oil, an oil that you COULD take internally (although I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are having constipation issues). But for some reason there’s not even a word about it here. Secondly, mineral oil is not absorbed by the skin. The molecules are too big to be absorbed through your pores. Also, it is intended to be used just like you would use any other moisturizer…after washing up/showering, when your skin is already clean and moisturized because then the oil HOLDS that moisture in and rather keeps any new bacteria out!

    Baby oil is basically mineral oil and fragrance. Be careful of the ones with extra additives…but as you can see, if you were to use food grade mineral oil and add a touch of your own scented oil, you’d not only save a bit of money but have a better quality oil and a fragrance of your own choice on that mini you of yours.

    I could go on, but I think I’ll stop there. Mineral oil has plenty of great uses and although I may not personally use it as a moisturer, it’s not because I think it’s toxic or anything like that. As I write, my cabinet is stocked with it and I have many uses for it in my household.

    But now some of the other ingredients commonly found in commercial moisturizers are another story…

  • NorthE

    Hands down, Coconut oil is the best! I run it thru my hair as a frizz tamer(no, it doesn’t look greasy), I put it in my coffee, use it for dry skin. All that goodness for $6

  • NorthE

    s mineral oil is the biproduct of crude oil. It’s a cheap filler so $$$ for cosmetic industry.

  • NorthE

    Use a plant based oil like avocado, coconut, almonds, etc… Same price as baby oil, no controversy with mineral oil.

  • Anonymous

    Estee Lauder one of Lauders multi million dollar companies main ingredient is mineral oil. Sooooo, i dont think so.

  • wbliss

    Another scare tactic mis-infomation site about cosmetics ingredients which are so very common now days. It is difficult to find the factual sites. People make money off the misinfomation. They love your money. Some people call it smart wrestling. Please consider what Paula’s choice has to say: http://www.paulaschoice.com/cosmetic-ingredient-dictionary/definition/mineral-oil

  • B
  • B

    http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/acne/news/20050527/mineral-oil-cleared-of-pimple-rap It could’ve I guess but this leads me to believe it wasn’t depends what quality I imagine. Could it not also be possible you attributed causation to mineral oil, but it was something else in your make-up, or products? Or was it pure USP mineral oil, or baby oil?

  • B

    Does Vaseline also not provide moisture. No, mineral oil apparently is non-comedogenic meaning it does not clog pores, http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/acne/news/20050527/mineral-oil-cleared-of-pimple-rap sure the fragrances may play a part. That is hardly the same thing, USP mineral oil contains no fragrances. Most things we use, for most don’t trigger things for most people or we wouldn’t use them. You could add your essential oils to pharmaceutical grade mineral oil I imagine.

    In what realm of reality could dilution cause the original oil to now cause irritation that to me is illogical. Unless there is some synergistic or chemical effect, which I doubt. Especially in the case of filtered water.

    All these comments including the good Dr’s lol are opinions for the most part. I’ve seen no evidence, papers, or good arguments. Just statements masquerading as fact.

  • Ba

    lol that’s kind of what I’m thinking. I looked it up and http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/acne/news/20050527/mineral-oil-cleared-of-pimple-rap because the Dr, recommended it to get rid of black heads. If you have oily skin, it attaches to the oil and washes off so it doesn’t over dry and cause more oil production. Then I came across this, so I had to look a little further.

  • Dave

    lol I’m sure there is, but lets deal with the issue at hand. While we are on the subject. Everything is inherently natural, all we know is natural. I’m sure companies do sometimes have sinister motives? Always though? How do we know the “natural alternatives” are not equally as shady if they share corporate laws, then they have the same immorality no?

    He states it clogs pores, I and others have looked and realized the opposite is true, what else is false in this article.

  • dave

    I don’t see the controversy I see opinions stated as fact. As well as misinformation it apparently doesn’t clog pores.

  • Dave

    If she doesn’t know why do you claim to? lol Like she said hard to determine causation yet you seem to claim to know, what studies can I review on the subject?

  • Marju Rose

    Spot on! I treat people with horrid eczema and find that each of them have been given paraffin based base creams and steroid creams from their doctors. After months or years of no improvement, these people stop using those horrors and start with Calendula cream which works wonders on eczema. They also use other moisturisers which have natural oils and no mineral oils. I make my own healing creams that way. It is criminal that sick people are ‘treated ‘with such gunk which does only harm. I have seen the nigh miracle workings of plant oils and infusions and witnessed a lot of happiness from people who made the change and are healed now. The only reason mineral oil is everywhere is because it costs nothing to produce and makes millions.

  • Kalley

    You’re quite correct and quite wrong. Mineral oil retains moisture and it is not comedogenic this is because it is a result of dilation of petroleum therefore it has grades. There are limits/grades of mineral oil and their uses e.g, if you buy the grade meant for cleaning wood/used in stonework and use it on your skin, it will most definitely clog your pores.

  • Brenda

    I love Arbonne:) free of mineral oil. To European standards and beneficial.

  • Semara Simu Shahin

    Cleansers and moisturizers don’t provide nutrients and minerals that my body needs in order metabolically function, what a dumb question.

    Also, I hope you realize that correlation is NOT causation.

  • C2H6O

    Cosmetics made with whale oil are best.

  • Solo Atkinson

    “paraffin oils”, “mineral oils”, “paraffin”, “hydrocarbons”, “aromatics”, “aliphatic” — it’s a jungle of terms. Some are edible, some harmless, others are variously corrosive, poisonous, carcinogenic. Mix them all together in your mind and it’s guaranteed to be toxic — to your brain. You have to be well-studied in chemistry to keep the distinctions straight. You can’t just tell by instinct and reading a few 800-word explainers.

  • Solo Atkinson

    Brian Ng’s comment is not just about himself. It’s about anyone who can’t eat their cleanser, or stubbornly refuses to even try, which is most of us.

  • Barry

    Apparently you did not actually read the paper or the list of known carcinogens. Mineral oil is listed as stated in this article. Took me less than 5 minutes to find.

  • Lishar

    So then if the molecules of mineral oil are to large to pass deep into skin dermis, then these products that use mineral oil are not benefitting the skin at a cellular level. I might try products like Filorga who do not use mineral oil, for more results, and nutrients that go deeper with smaller molecules.

  • Charles Peterson

    Dermatologists recommend Vaseline for lips and any other areas they treat.
    Dentists also recommend petroleum jelly.
    I guess in moderation any Poison won’t kill you.

  • Kat ACMilanista

    I am an esthetician and La Mer is a joke because it’s full of toxic carcinogens and superficial skin softeners that only trick you into thinking your skin is softer.

  • Jane Peters

    I’ve heard and read Vaseline is safe. And that it is purified more than the other petroleum jellies. I use it for my eczema because it doesn’t contain alcohol or fragrances etc.

  • han de

    I’m in, does anyone have information leading to research or findings connecting mineral oil to blocking internal human functions such as hydrocele or interfering with any normal human internal cycle or system?? Please help. Baby oil and hydrocele? The clogging of a filter in a sense in the male scrotum next to testis.

  • han de

    Yeah so does this mean that fine internal processes in the human body could be reduced or become clogged completely due to hydrocarbons?? Hydrocele??

  • jcostas

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have psoriasis and mineral oil is the only thing besides A&D ointment that actually keeps my skin moist and doesn’t irritate it further. I’ve never had a problem with breaking out from it. And I have VERY oily skin that’s prone to breakouts. Also, you’re suppose to put it on after you get out of the shower BEFORE you’re completely dry, so it shouldn’t be trapping any “contaminants” against your skin if you use it properly.

  • dufas_duck

    “If you can’t eat what you are putting on your skin, you probably shouldn’t put it on at all”.

    Quite a blanket statement. Do you really think that is correct??

    Benzoyl peroxide is used for black heads and acne relief and it is also the catalyst auto body filler and some polyester resins used in fiberglass automobile, airplane, boat, and many other products building and repair is just one example…..

    A blanket statement without knowledge such as you have made and if fully banned would shut down much of today’s world or at least make things like movies or theatrical plays boring. What do you think all that special effect makeup is made from?? Latex, rubber cement, spirit gum, foam rubber, the list goes on and on…even a simple bandaide adhesive is not edible.. Spock would lose his ears… Cyrano de Bergerac would have no meaning..

    Medicines would take a big hit…The vast majority of medicines, are summarized as from benzene, and
    derivatives, and benzene is derived from petroleum, some examples are all those drugs which carry a bencenic ring , such as aspirin, acetaminophen, salicilic acid, sertraline, benzodiazepines, barbiturics,
    antiseptics,antiemetics, ulcer treatment, like aloglutamol, ranitidine, famotidine, omeprazole, lanzoprazole, pantoprazole, antiespasmodics, like hioscine, fluopropione, thiopramide, phloroglucinol, lidamidine.It is correct to say, that for all the areas it covers Medicine at present, each has medicines derived from petroleum, through synthesis of benzene or derivatives of benzene. Even contact lenses are made of various plastics derived from petroleum.

    Then, I don’t think you would drop onto a fast food joint for a cup of radiation or a cocktail of chemicals, but, these are used in cancer cures every day of the week.

    Much of the clothing you wear is made from substances that are inedible, yet, you wear them in very close proximity to you skin and feet..even more now that Peta has made inroads banning animal parts to utilized in wearing apparel.

    Even paper clothing carries toxins…

    There is always homeopathics if you want to take a chance……..

  • dufas_duck

    @ Z C

    RL may eat soap and other body cleansers… Maybe, if one takes his comment as fact………

  • Rudra Narayan

    We use mustard oil for whole family, but new born does not suit it. Its warm in nature n keep cough away and skin shine with little odour. Only because of odour people avoiding old traditions.. So called modern people, I don’t know . . .

  • E Carr

    HI, My wife used mineral oil on our 1 year old baby and she came out with a horrendous rash. I would never even use it on my skin never mind my baby!!! So there you go. AND of course, it was NOT a psychological reaction because babies don’t do that, do they.

  • D Smith

    There are lots of products on the market that cause harm – even that are known to cause harm. (Look how long it took before a warning label was placed on cigarettes – just one product KNOWN to cause harm – and it is STILL available at common stores nationwide.)

    Having said that though I believe that this article is misleading. There is no history of pure mineral oil causing harm when used externally. Products indicated to cause side effects typically either do not contain mineral oil but some other different product that is erroneously associated to mineral oil simply because it’s a petrochemical – unfortunately most people do not know the difference so scare tactics are used to associate the two and label all of them as harmful even though it is not true. Or the product has other chemicals in it besides mineral oil that are causing the negative attributes, but not being acknowledged in the article and instead shifting that blame onto mineral oil.

    Pure mineral oil does not have a history of causing these side effects. The best baby oils contain simply mineral oil and that familiar fragrance. I’d be wary of the baby oils with anything more than this. There are food grade mineral oils available that this article mentions absolutely nothing about. I suppose because that could defeat their obvious purpose of demonizing it…

  • Fred Carter

    Being that your body absorbs anything on the skin it is very very wise to keep anything that you cannot digest off of your skin including motor oil, Water or oil based paint or solvents and the like, nothing.

  • N

    This is a bogus fear mongering article. Look at his sources, doesn’t even pertain to topical, it pertains to steel workers who work with unrefined oils. The refined mineral oil for cosmetics does not get absorbed it locks moisture in. As with any substance it can cause allergic reaction. Do your research not on Google but look up peer reviewed articles.

  • THRobinson

    Internet seems to be a 50/50 split on whether or not Mineral Oil is good/bad for you. I have extremely dry skin and nothing works so grabbed some Mineral Oil this week to give a try and so far, not bad. I bought it from the Pharmacy, and it was in the laxatives section… directions on the bottle are about how much to ingest. It’s hard to believe it’s that bad for you, when it’s sold at a Pharmacy and meant to be taken orally.