The 5-Minute Cardio Circuit For A Quick Energy Burst

A little bit goes a long way with this quick but fierce cardio circuit. The workout alternates between bodyweight strength exercises and amped-up cardio pushes to get your heart rate up while also giving your legs an extra burn. Five minutes is more than enough time to leave you breathless and give you a quick energy burst. Trust us.

The Moves


Step your feet a little bit wider than hips’ distance apart and sink your hips down to roughly knee height. As you stand back up, press your hips forward as you squeeze your glutes to really activate your glutes as you lift. Throughout the exercise, focus on sending your weight into your heels.

Squat jump

Amp up your squat game by adding a powerful jump as you lift up. At the top of your squat, spring off the ball of your foot and land softly after each rep.

For low impact, speed up your squats and come to your tiptoes at the top.  

Alternating reverse lunges

Start with your feet together and step your left foot back far enough that your right leg is parallel to the floor. Check that your right knee is stacked on top of your right ankle and create a 90-degree angle with both your right knee as well as your left knee.

Bring your feet back together and repeat with the right foot stepping back, and so on.

Jump lunges

Speed up your reverse lunges by adding a hop as you switch your legs. Pro tip: start off slow while you get used to the form and make sure you’re still bringing both knees to 90-degree angles.

For low impact, perform your alternating reverse lunges at a faster pace.


To start, jump straight up in the air. From there, ground your hands down and jump your feet back into a plank pose. Option to add a push-up here if you’re feeling a bit extra. Hop your feet back in towards your hands and jump up to start it all over again.

For low impact, remove the jump and walk your feet out and in from plank.

The Workout

30 seconds – squats

30 seconds – squat jumps

30 seconds – alternating reverse lunges

30 seconds – jump lunges

30 seconds – burpees

Complete two full rounds for five minutes total.

And voilà! Just five minutes of cardio and you should feel refreshed and energized.

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