5 Reasons Why You Need a Health Coach:
Build Your Health by Building Your Team

It’s the dawn of a new year, the time of beginnings, the clean slate, and a fresh start. After all the seasonal excesses, now’s a great time to start or re-start your wellness journey. For many people the first question is, where to begin? In my practice, we answer that question – and hundreds more – every day with the help of the Be Well health coaches, our in-house team of wellness pros who support, guide, educate and advise patients through each phase of their wellness program, from dazed and confused newbie to healthy and focused wellness warrior.

‘But, Doc,” you might say, “do I really need a health coach?” For most people, I’d say absolutely! Just like having a fitness trainer at the gym or a mentor at the office, when you’ve got a pro to help light the way, achieving your goals becomes a lot easier. Could you do this on your own? Sure, but I believe your experience will be richer, more successful and even more profound with a health coach to make the trip with you – and here’s why:

1. Your Health Coach Creates a Plan That’s Tailored to Your Exact Situation

In addition to your specific health concerns, daily real-life responsibilities, stress levels and work/family dynamics all effect how well you’re able to integrate new, healthier habits. With a health coach as your wellness co-pilot, you’ll work together to develop a customized plan that takes your individual physical, emotional and lifestyle factors into account and fits with the way you live – and ultimately leads you to permanent, positive change.

2. Your Health Coach Helps Make Change Safer and Better for Your Body

Virtually every day questionable diet and fitness fads hit the market, pushed along by slick marketing campaigns, promoted on TV, touted in magazines, spread from fitness trainers to their clients, or from one office co-worker to the next. Some fads are downright dangerous, and others may be less so, but they can still have negative, energy-sapping side effects that aren’t worth compromising your health over. To develop a plan that sustains your body as it gets it to a healthier place, put a trained, professional health coach on your wellness team. They’ll help you identify and integrate sensible, sustainable practices to enhance your health, and raise red flags as needed. No fainting, hair loss, hunger or light-headedness necessary.

3. Your Health Coach Knows How to Get Granular With Your Health

Most primary care physicians know that nutrition, stress reduction, weight management and exercise are important, but know little about actual, specific wellness practices or innovations. Consequently, few health care providers are able to offer patients recommendations much beyond “lose some weight,” or “eat more salads.” A health coach, however, is prepared to get granular, to drill down and identify the latest, best techniques to help get you the results you (and your doctor) are after. An at-your-service concierge.

4. A Great Health Coach Walks the Walk-And Probably Runs and Spins Too

One of the things that’s so great about the Be Well health coach staff is that they love what they do, talking the talk and walking the walk every day. They don’t just advise, they do, they’re involved, actively hunting down wellness information, analyzing nutritional news, testing recipes, sharing tips, trying classes, attending courses – all to keep expanding their knowledge base every day. So what does that mean for you the patient? It means that through your health coach, you get access to a curated wellspring of personalized information, fresh approaches and answers to keep your health journey interesting, educational and enlightening! Need ideas on how to handle eating out? How to shop and prep food for optimal nutrition? You know who to call.

5. Your Health Coach is your Ally, a Life Changer and a Game Changer!

Changing long-held negative behaviors, beliefs and attitudes is challenging. Making big changes can also be a lonely road – but not if you have a health coach to hold your hand, guide you on the path and keep you accountable. With a healthy-living advisor to help you trade old habits for new ones, you won’t have to go it alone. My advice? Work with a health coach to change your life this year and create your healthiest self ever – it’s a precious gift you’ll enjoy for years to come.

To learn more about how you can create amazing changes with support from our health coaching staff, visit: www.bewellbydrfranklipman.com/health-coaching.

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