5 Tips for Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

“Your skin looks great!” The compliment we all love to hear. The reason we all appreciate that compliment so much is probably because our skin is literally a mirror image for how well we’re taking care of ourselves. What’s going on internally is reflected in our skin, so if our skin is glowing, it means we’re really nurturing and nourishing ourselves! Clearing up the skin starts within, and here are 5 things you can do to give your skin that healthy glow we all crave.

1) Sweat

Sweating is an awesome way to release toxins through your skin to keep it healthy and glowing. You’ll open up your pores and get rid of any impurities, which will leave your skin smoother and softer. Whether you’re doing some type of exercise that makes you sweat (my preference is hot yoga) or sweating it out in a sauna or steam room, your skin will truly love you for it.

2) Hydrate

When you’re doing a lot of sweating, you need to do extra hydrating, too! The skin loves moisture, so drinking water is important to avoid dryness. As far as how much to drink, basically you want your urine to be fairly clear most of the time. I suggest carrying a water bottle with you all day long and drinking water throughout the day. If you’re sweating a lot, drink more! My goal is always 3 liters a day, usually it’s more like 2.

3) Ditch the Sugar and Coffee

Sugar and coffee can be very dehydrating for the skin, which can make you look tired and dull. Both sugar and coffee can also lead to baggy eyes and dark circles. One of my nutrition teachers would refer to the baggy eyed look as “sugarface” — the way you look the morning after consuming a lot of sugar! Cutting the sugar and swapping your coffee for green tea will make your skin happy.

4) Eat Fat

Yep, I said it! Eat more fat for beautiful skin! Healthy fats, not the altered fats that you’d find in fried foods or processed products. I’m talking about the nourishing, natural fats from foods like avocado, coconut and olives. These healthy fats will keep your skin supple, moist and glowing.

5) Take a Hair-Skin-Nails Supplement

There are certain nutrients that can support skin elasticity, provide UV protection and anti-inflammatory support. All of these are very important when it comes to having radiant skin! The Be Well Hair/Skin/Nails supplement contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins to help skin cell regeneration and combat free radicals that damage the skin.

Taking these steps to nourish your body can have a huge impact on your skin! What healthy skin tips have worked for you? Let us know in the comments!

  • Elaine Springer

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  • Laura Lehmax

    Face is the identity of a person. It is the reflection of a person’s
    soul, thoughts and inner self, so, it requires to be well taken care of.


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  • Great tips for achieving healthy and glowing skin. So many people regularly take care of their skin. And glowing is an excellent effect of daily skin care. Actually it is not very tough to do. Only, you have to follow some effective daily skin care tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

  • As a beautician expert in a renowned skin clinic in london (https://www.clinicafiore.co.uk) I’m suggesting you the
    Top most Five skin Glowing Tips. there are:
    1. Drink Water 3-4 litter in a day.
    2. Eat a healthy diet.
    3. Take vitamin.
    4. Consume Less Sugar & less Salt.
    5. Excercise daily minimum 15-30 minutes.