5 Ways to Treat Yourself this Valentine’s Day

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, which means you’ll have an entire day dedicated to love. Love can be expressed and experienced in so many ways, and often we forget to give ourselves the loving kindness we need, want and deserve. So go ahead, treat yo’ self with some of these healthy, nourishing and loving activities.


Schedule yourself a massage, acupuncture session or facial. Being in the hands of a caring practitioner for an hour can be so rejuvenating and relaxing. The human touch is something our bodies need and crave – but often don’t get enough of.

Get Physical

Do an activity that you truly enjoy and that keeps you feeling good. Whether that’s a hike, a yoga class or a session with your favorite trainer, fit it in early today so that you can feel good about it the whole rest of the day.


While we don’t recommend diving into an enormous unhealthy platter, indulge in one of your favorite foods or treats. I know that means I’ll be having chocolate with breakfast, lunch and dinner – but maybe for you it’s something completely different. The important part is that you choose it intentionally and on purpose, then enjoy every bits of it – guilt-free!


But just for 20 minutes. A short and sweet afternoon nap is the ultimate luxury for busy people. Sleep tends to get down-prioritized in our everyday life so allow yourself a proper rest.

Quality Time

Of course, a date of some kind is required on Valentine’s Day. Schedule a fun outing with your loved one, child or friend – and make sure it’s someone that allows you to be your true self. Keep the conversation positive, encouraging and caring. So often we catch ourselves gossiping or talking negatively about ourselves, and by doing that, we can start feeling even lousier. Your words are powerful! Let Valentine’s Day be a day for compliments, celebration and acceptance.

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