6 Healthy Lifestyle Apps

Here at Be Well we love anything that makes living a healthy lifestyle easier. Apps are a great way to do just that! Here are 6 of my favorite healthy lifestyle apps.


We often recommend this app to clients that have a hard time relieving stress. This meditation app makes it easy to fit a ten minute meditation into your day.  Beginners may find it particularly helpful because it’s guided, which can be a really accessible way to learn more about the practice of meditation.

Pocket Yoga

If you travel a lot, or have a super busy schedule, this app can be a great tool in helping you sneak yoga into your day! It offers various experience levels and class length options.

EWG Shoppers Guide

Eating organic and high quality fruits and veggies is your safest, healthiest bet. However, organic foods aren’t always available. This great app shares a list of “The Clean 15” (the least pesticide ridden fruits and veggies, which are ok when non-organic) and “The Dirty Dozen” (fruits and veggies that are heavily pesticide ridden and should only be purchased organic). Use this app to help you navigate the supermarket!

EWG Skin Deep

It is estimated that 60% of what we put on our body is absorbed into our bloodstream. What does this mean? It means we need to be really careful what we use in our body care routine – products such as hair care, moisturizer, soap, face wash and more should be clean and green! This amazing app rates products toxicity level so that you know how healthy or dangerous various products may be. For many products you can simply scan the barcode or you can enter the brand and product name and the rating will pop up. The lower the number, the better it is for you!


In a new neighborhood, city or town and looking for some healthy drinks and eats?! Greenhopping has you covered. Greenhopping focuses “on showcasing the entire exclusively natural, organic, healthy, and farm-fresh-to-table style restaurants in each city.”

Nike + Running

This fitness app can be a great way to stay motivated by keeping track of your mileage, speed and progress. You can set and achieve training and race goals, create or join running challenges, share your runs on social media and more.

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