6 Simple Ways to Create a Healthier Lifestyle

For many of the patients that I see, getting healthy feels like a chore or drudgery. They may need to change their diet because their blood pressure is too high or they are overweight, but they are dreading making changes.

Instead of thinking about getting healthy as a chore, I invite you to think of it as an exploration. You can absolutely have fun while getting healthy!

Here are some ideas:

If you are a chef or love to cook:

Take on the challenge to cook delicious healthy recipes.

If you are a restaurant-goer:

Make a goal to find the 5 best grass-fed beef dishes or gluten-free pastas in your city.

If you are seeking more sensuality in your life:

Take a pole-dancing class and overcome inhibitions while getting in shape.

If you are an adventurer:

Plan a big hiking trip that will require you to get in shape for the expedition.

For the romantic:

Hop on a bike and take a ride at sunset.

For the music-lover:

Put your earbuds in and take a walk around your favorite part of the city.

Have fun while getting healthy. This is what truly leads to joyful, sustainable change. The best part is, that your friends and loved ones will also want to join you for the ride!

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