8 Tips to Staying Regular While on Vacation

When we travel, our natural rhythms can get off schedule, and it’s common to experience constipation. Some of us can tolerate the changes associated with vacations and business trips, while many of us struggle with our digestion while on the road. The closer we stick to our “normal” routine, the more regular our bowels will be. Follow my top six tips to keep your digestion on track while traveling… because it is possible to feel great during your entire vacation!

1. Drink Water

It’s important to keep your intestines hydrated. This means eating fresh fruits and vegetables with a high water content, in addition to drinking a lot of water. Travelers often drink alcohol to relax on a flight and then drink coffee to wake up, but these drinks are very dehydrating. I always drink a full bottle of water in flight. Don’t worry about asking the person next to you to please get up, if you have to use the bathroom. Staying hydrated = staying regular!

2. Pre-pack Snacks for the Airport

As you probably already know, packaged foods are loaded with additives that can mess up our digestion. Emulsifiers, food colorings, and artificial flavorings (disguised as natural flavorings) can wreak havoc on our guts. Most packaged snack foods also contain gluten and have lots of added sodium and sugar. So pack a  snack bag along with your luggage and include easy and portable options, such as hard-boiled eggs, berries, apples (green apples have less sugar), and nuts (raw and unsalted are best).

3. Everything in Moderation!

A vacation to most is a time to splurge… sometimes on a fancy hotel or with an expensive purchase; but, most always, this means overindulging at meals, eating lots of desserts, and drinking a few too many cocktails.  Part of the adventure of travel is sampling the local cuisine, even foods that aren’t very healthy for you — but do your best not to overdo it. At meals, focus on fresh, unprocessed proteins, such as meat, chicken or fish, along with lots of veggies.  You can, of course, still enjoy a few bites of a dessert or other unhealthy foods, but you don’t need to eat the whole portion. Large meals can also be hard on your digestion. Too much food at once can leave you feeling bloated and tired and take away the energy you need to enjoy your trip. Your tummy will thank you later!

4. Liquid Calcium Magnesium

Let Liquid Calcium Magnesium be your secret weapon. Just one tablespoon at night before bed helps if you are feeling backed up. It works while you sleep and gives you the start you need on the next day.

5. Probiotics

A daily probiotic is a wonderful way to add more healthy bacteria to your gut. I hope probiotics are already part of your regular routine, but if they aren’t, incorporate a probiotic supplement on your next trip to help you stay regular. Supporting your digestive health when you travel is especially important in order to ward off any foreign stomach bugs. Probiotics come in handy when fighting off possible bacterial infections, and they protect your body from bacteria on planes and in foreign foods that your gut may not be used to.

6. Digestive Enzymes

If you’re having a large meal, it might be wise to take digestive enzymes. (Large portions of meat can be especially hard to digest!) These plant-based enzymes help break down food, making it easier to digest meals.

7. Move!

It’s great to lie on the beach, but it’s also important to move your body. Staying active while traveling really does help the cause. Even just a 10 minute vinyasa flow in your hotel room will get things going. The (free!) Nike Training app has a bunch of easy and quick workouts you can do in your hotel room.

8. Have a Smoothie for Breakfast

A morning smoothie is easy for your body to digest and a quick way to make sure you get protein and nutrients, especially when traveling. I always stash a few packets of the Be Well Plant Protein + Multi  in my suitcase, with my blender bottle. I mix the powder with water first thing in the morning, and I know my day is off to a healthy start! Of course, it tastes even better when I blend it at home with kale, berries, and avocado, but quickly mixing it in my blender bottle is an easy way to stay on my routine. It’s also key to making sure I’m getting enough nutrition, because I never know where the day will take me while I’m away from home.

Safe travels!

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