6 (More) Ways To Power Your Mitochondria and Boost Energy


You probably don’t spend much time thinking about the microscopic components of your body, but your mitochondria – those tiny little energy-producing factories inside your cells – definitely deserve care, consideration and a whole lot of TLC. Your mission is to make your mitochondria thrive!

Why is it so important to keep your mitochondria happy? Well, for starters, the health of your mitochondria is pivotal how robust your metabolism is, how energetic and focused you feel, and how clearly you think. And like a factory that slows down production when raw materials run low or conditions on the floor are poor, mitochondria produce less energy when they don’t get the nutrients they need, or when they’re over-taxed by exposure to things like too much stress, too many toxins, electro-magnetic frequencies, infections, and allergens, or when they’re trying to do their work in an overly sedentary body. The result? A brain full of fog, a body that’s lethargic and likely headed for obesity.

Taken together, mitochondrial deterioration is largely to blame for much of the fatigue we associate with getting older, as well as possibly heart disease, neurodegenerative disease and diabetes. It’s also recently been found to have a negative impact on your telomeres – the DNA that helps determine the length of your life — so slowing the slide can be a matter of life and death!

The good news is that there are a number of steps you can take right now to start getting your mitochondria back in the game. And it’s well worth the effort because the more you boost your mitochondrial quality and quantity, the better you’ll feel and the more gracefully you’ll age. Sound good? Then get started on developing these 6 essential habits now to help you turn the tide — and  also check out my previous post on 7 eating habits to power your mitochondria for more ideas.


Don’t just sit there, move for your mitochondria. Doing both High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and strength training is an excellent way to support mitochondrial health. Better yet, a recent study found that exercise caused cells to make more proteins for their energy-producing mitochondria and their protein-building ribosomes, slowing aging at the cellular level.


There are numerous reasons why your body needs restful, rejuvenating sleep but a big one is that during sleep, your brain’s waste removal system (aka, the glymphatic system) ‘takes out the garbage,’ clearing out the waste products which may play a role in degenerative neurological problems like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


Add meditation to your mitochondrial boosting menu. Recent studies have shown that meditation and meditation-based techniques helps decrease oxidative stress, which will help support mitochondrial health.


Sunlight is one of the most powerful mitochondrial boosters we have, so sensible sun exposure (no burning!) is another free and easy way to manage your mitochondria. As it turns out, sunlight triggers changes inside our cells which boosts mitochondria production.


Embrace the cold – because cold exposure, in short bursts, helps trigger the production of new mitochondria by essentially fooling your body into going into survival mode. How to get chilly no matter where you live? Cold showers. And if winter is headed your way, step outside, lightly-dressed for 20-30 second periods, a few times a week.


Another way to protect and improve mitochondrial function, is by supporting your mitochondria with the nutrients they need to function optimally. By improving mitochondrial function, you can tune up your metabolism, increase your energy, think more clearly, feel less achy, and prevent all sorts of age-related diseases—and who can say no to that!. Among the supplements I recommend for the job: Alpha Lipoic Acid; B Vitamins; Co Q10; Fish oil or krill oil; L Carnitine; Glutathione; Magnesium; Nicotinamide Riboside; and PQQ which researchers have found not only protected mitochondria from oxidative damage—it also stimulated growth of new mitochondria!

Or, if you’re in the market for a general mitochondrial formulawhich contains many of these ingredients all in one formula, check out the Be Well Energy Formula.

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