7 Reasons to Love Apple Cider Vinegar

I was first introduced to apple cider vinegar (ACV for short) several years ago after reading in a magazine that Fergie (Black Eyed Peas, not Duchess of York) takes a couple of teaspoons each day to assist weight loss. A body like Fergie by drinking apple cider vinegar? That is one bandwagon I was quick to jump on. While I’m still waiting for Fergie-like abs, I have been reaping the many other health benefits associated with including a little ACV in my diet. ACV has been touted for it many medicinal properties for yonks and it really is a cure-all remedy.

These are just a few benefits of apple cider vinegar …

1. Detoxification

Being rich in natural minerals, vitamins and enzymes makes apple cider vinegar a great addition to any detox. The unique acids in apple cider vinegar can bind to toxins and help the body eliminate them more effectively. Apple cider vinegar can also help to stimulate circulation and aid detoxification in the liver. In ancient cultures ACV was often used to purify the blood. Another way apple cider vinegar aids detoxification is by breaking up mucus throughout the body and cleansing the lymph nodes to allow for better lymph circulation. A healthy lymphatic system can remove toxins from the cells in the body while improving immune system response.

2. To promote weight loss

Apple cider vinegar may aid in weight loss by stabilising the blood sugar for a longer period and helping to control the appetite. Try taking 1-2 teaspoons in water before each meal. This little trick may also help with diabetes. Don’t just rely on ACV to help you trim down though. It won’t work if your diet is rubbish. ACV should be an accompaniment to a healthy, balanced diet.

3. To help with digestion

Aiding digestion is possibly one of apple cider vinegar’s biggest claims to fame. It can help with common indigestion and gastrointestinal discomfort caused by certain foods and it is said to clear up chronic acid reflux when taken religiously with each meal.

4. To alleviate skin problems

Apple cider vinegar can be used as a topical astringent for acne prone skin, and some even report that taking ACV orally every day has helped clear their skin. Add a cup of apple cider vinegar and a cup of Epsom salts to a hot bath to draw toxins out through the skin and help jumpstart the cleansing process. This can also help relieve joint pain as well as skin conditions like eczema and acne.

5. To get rid of warts

Try this for a home wart removal remedy: Soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and attach it to the wart site with a bandaid. Leave overnight. Repeat each night until the wart disappears.

6. Helps ward off sickness

Apple cider vinegar devotees claim that this miracle elixir is one of the main reasons they are able to ward of common illnesses. This can most likely be chalked up to ACV’s unique blend of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It also possesses antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

7. For soft and shiny hair

Acetic acid, the main ingredient in ACV, will remove build up from styling products and conditioners and strengthen the hair shaft, leaving you with soft, shiny strands. It will also balance hair’s pH level, kill bacteria, and is a cure for dandruff.

Dilute 1/3 cup ACV in 4 cups of water and pour over your hair after shampooing. Leave it in for a few seconds before rinse your hair using cold water to seal the hair shaft and create more shine. Because vinegar is acidic, using the rinse daily is not advised. And no, your hair won’t stink like vinegar – the smell will go away after your hair dries.

How to take it orally…

Add 1-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm or cool water before each meal. You can also add it to hot water with a little honey and drink it as a tea. Apple cider vinegar is also great as a salad dressing when mixed with flaxseed oil and honey.

It’s important to buy an apple cider vinegar that is organic and unfiltered so that all of its nutritional value is in tact. The Bragg’s brand is great. The hazy looking stuff that settles to the bottom is called “the mother” and it is said to be the most nutritious part of the apple cider vinegar for its therapeutic benefits.

  • Missdillpickle

    Does red wine vinegar have the same qualities as apple cider vinegar?

  • Veronica

    thank you! i use it for my hair only, so great to know i can use for table use and it has great effects on the health,

  • Ciaocyn

    I have a morning tonic; warm water, teaspoon of lemon juice, teaspoon of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. I drink this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It’s cleansing and soothing for the stomach.

  • Kumari

    and you can catch fruit flies with a little in a bowl covered with plastic wrap poked with tiny holes!!!

  • Jazz

    It’s is also great if suffering from constipation. 1/2 cup of warm water 2 tb spoons of ACV and 1 tb spoon of agave nectar. Do this as many times as you like but will work quickly…

  • Viktor

    Best part about ACV is that along with skin benefits, you get a TON of other health benefits for the rest of your body.
    Read the article here if you’re interested in finding out where to get Apple Cider Vinegar: http://acne-pimples.net/populartreatments/find-apple-cider-vinegar/

    It also goes into a more detail about why it works for acne and different ways to use it on your skin, hope it helps!

  • Toni

    can someone tell me does it harm the stomach if you suffer from gastritis, ulcers or stomach in general

  • Machine

    what about if one has problem with stomach is it harmful to take it

  • Anonymous

    For most people Apple Cider Vinegar is safe – however if you have a specific health issue or concern, you should always double check with your doctor.

  • Vidya

    Can a non fruit vinegar be used on hair?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never tried that. I think ACV is the way to go :)

  • Uma

    oh man, YES! we had an outbreak in our condo and caught dozens every night.

  • Leeza

    Plain white vinegar works on hair, too, Vidya! But it doesn’t have the same benefits when ingested.

  • Leeza

    Toni, it actually helps with ulcers thanks to what’s called a negative biofeedback mechanism. Ulcers are the result of chronic overproduction of stomach acid due to stress and poor diet. A healthy diet accompanied by regular levels of healthy acid like ACV helps the stomach self-regulate so that acid isn’t overproduced. Conversely, taking antacids makes the problem worse… The more antacids you take, the more acid your stomach produces to overcompensate. Ulcers are serious and should be treated by a doctor, but once they have been eradicated I’d try a regimen that includes probiotics and ACV.

  • Ann Stone

    That’s mean. Perhaps, you should keep your home cleaner.

  • Ann Stone

    I’ve heard wine vinegar is actually a gentler (but as effective) hair rinse.
    Be certain to dilute the same as ACV.

  • Ann Stone

    This is a great health tonic (immune booster): ACV, habaneros, onions, garlic, turmeric, horseradish, ginger. I keep a batch going and never get sick! I don’t include ginger in my batches, because it triggers my gag reflex, and rather than have it ruin the tasty tonic for me, I simply drink it straight & separate. Here is the recipe: http://heal-thyself.ning.com/profiles/blogs/master-tonic-101
    Wishing you joy & wellness!

  • Ronessa

    Acv worked great to reduce swollen lymph nodes in 5 days by drinking 1 tbs mixed with 1 cup water 3 times a day.


    Use a straw to drink ACV or enamel will strip.


    Use a straw to drink ACV or enamel will strip.

  • robingee

    Are you serious? Fruit flies have nothing to do with a clean home. And killing flies is “mean?” Grow up.

  • Danette Jacobs

    Also, they have atributed bacteria to one of the main causes of ulcers, and ACV kills those “bad” bacteria. Fermented foods, like fermented pickles or sauer krau are loaded with good bacteria and kill off nasty candida yeast, which can cause a lot of intestinal and digestive problems.

  • Danette Jacobs

    Fruit flies are a common problem when you have a small composting bin in the kitchen too. I have started using a small plastic crate with newpaper on the bottom and sit it outside. Then take it to the large compost pile when needed – no more fruit flies.

  • Mikito Ohara

    How about taking Prescription Diet Pills together with apple cider vinegar regularly, is that OK?

  • blewvelvet

    There is also a great reason to add it to your drinking water. ACV has a PH balance of 7.5!!! Perfect!!!

  • Clementa Cazan German.

    I stared taking aciphex for gastritis and acid reflux. I red that ACV is good for acid reflux. I took it once and I had terrible pain. After a week I red some more that it also relieves gallbladder stones. Since I had pain on the right side and I have an ultrasound in two days I figure it would not hurt to try it again. Again I am in very bad pain. I wonder if baking soda will make the pain go away since I red many comments on it. My dr. also mentioned Tylenol for pain. Anyone has any experience with it relieving pain?

  • Tony

    Use apple cider vinegar to remove warts,moles,and boils https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2BfxxxnwFM

  • Friday

    Are you serious??? I can’t believe that my chronic stomach ache has just disappeared after taking ACV for the very first time. Just instant cure! Can I drink it without diluting?

  • Anonymous

    It is too strong for most people to drink straight so it is better diluted in a little water. best of luck!
    -Be Well coach Laura

  • just-sayin

    I seriously can’t believe that jumping on band wagons just because a super fit person (and/or celebrity) says they’re on it is a thing. Why now read science journals and find out what they real facts are. That guy coulda did 5000 sit up a day to get those abs and it had nothing to do with the tonic he drunk. You gonna do 5000 sit ups too? I didn’t think so.

  • Jumper6070

    It gave me a massive hard on and made my UNIT grow 2″ to a length of 5″ total WOW amazing stuff. lol

  • MinkoVen

    Oh, Ann. You precious, little thing. Don’t ever change.

  • rose

    Can a Hepatitis B positive person Can take Apple Cider Venigar