7 Tips for Daily Wellness:
My Interview with Mariel Hemingway

My good friend, Mariel Hemingway recently released a new book, Running With Nature: Step Into the Life You Were Meant to Live, and a new documentary, Running From Crazy, which chronicles her life. She has lived a fascinating life and has been into Wellness for many many years, way before it became hot. So I thought it would be a great time to interview her.

Dr L: Why did you write the book, Running With Nature?

Mariel H: We wrote the book because we both Bobby and I have such a great perspective on living a healthy life and because we are a man and a woman we feel that we have the perspective to reach all kinds of people. We want to “inspire” people to write the book of their own lives by making healthy choices that will make them grow younger, be healthier and happier in every way!

Dr L: What is the key message of the book?

Mariel H: It is about connection to yourself, to nature, to the environment you live in and the choices you make on a day to day level. What do you think? what do you eat? What water do you drink? Do you breathe? Every thing you do affects everything else. It is about mindfulness in all that you do.

Dr L: Its so great to see you so happy…what has been the most significant change that you made that helped you get to this place?

Mariel H: I have learned how to play! I laugh and have more fun that I have ever had in my life and that is a direct t result of no longer reaching outside of myself to find health happiness or balance. I have realized since being with Bobby that I am fine on my own and that I have the answers for me and we so want to share that extremely important message with EVERYONE.

Dr L: Tell us about your new documentary, Running From Crazy.

Mariel H: Running From Crazy is a film about unveiling the secrets that keep families from healing the stigma that surrounds mental illness and addiction and of course suicide. When you talk about it ( when I talk about it in the film) it heals you. I have had a transformation since making this film realizing that I am no longer the victim of a belief system or myth about my family. I now know that I have the ability to shift into a life of joy which is another reason that the book, Running With Nature, is so powerful. It is the philosophy that has brought me out a life long depression.

Dr L: We at the 1111 Wellness Center are all absolutely crazy about your daughter, Dree. She is such a beautiful woman on every level. How did you manage to do that???

Mariel H: Dree is an amazing girl and SHE LOVES YOU as well. I think that because health and balance have always been of great concern for me it makes sense that she would have similar sensibilities. She is her own person… I wish I could take responsibility for how awesome she is but Dree and her sister have powerful personalities and souls and they are loving human beings. I am grateful to have been able to raise them and send them into the world to make a huge difference in their own lives and others. It is a gift. Dree makes me smile because she really is so incredibly cool. I wish that were my doing… :D

Dr L: You say simple things can make you happy….I love that, tell us more.

Mariel H: I believe the simple things like seeing a sunrise or sunset or taking time to awaken slowly in the morning and having thoughts of gratitude have the power to shift your life. What I am seeing with people that read the book is that they are loving the actions that we suggest…. things that are totally doable and things that they inherently know like drinking water having grateful thoughts in the morning and it is shifting the kind of day they have because when you start your day differently, from a perspective of gratitude expansion and good health because of the choices you make, your life is different in the best possible way!

Dr L: What are your key tips to stay happy and healthy as we age?

Mariel H:

• Change your breakfast.

• Go outside and take time to be quiet in nature.

• Drink good water first thing in the morning, preferably out of glass.

• Walk barefoot (in a safe place) and connect to the earth. (Feet absorb the most nutrients from the earth.)

• Be silent daily even if just for 5 minutes.

• Eat real food, cut out any processed anything, cut out GMO’s and try to eat organically as much as possible.

• Start doing cold plunges into big bodies of water; ocean, river, stream or simply cold showers or baths….invigorating and so good for you!

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