8 Tips for Treating Thyroid Problems Naturally

Seaweed Salad

I had a chance to meet with the “thyroid whisperer” Andrea Beaman and learn some techniques that she uses to help her clients get their thyroid into balance. As a holistic health coach, she finds that diet is a great place to start but for complete healing you have to go much deeper.

Andrea’s journey started with her own thyroid problems, which she was able to heal naturally with diet, lifestyle and mega-doses of self-care. But the catch is — it didn’t happen overnight. It took 2 full years to get back into balance. In that time she swung from hyperthyroid to Hashimoto’s, and hypothyroid and then finally came into balance.

First things first, you must consider food to be your medicine and get off all processed junk food, sugar (which sends you on a hormonal rollercoaster ride) and gluten. The Daily Living Eating Plan is a great place to start. In addition, l-glutamine is a key amino acid that reduces cravings for high-glycemic carbohydrates and helps kick the sugar habit. If you have already done that and are looking to go deeper, here are some tips to heal the thyroid:

1. Eat Sea Vegetables Twice a Week

Sea vegetables are a good natural source of iodine to support the thyroid. Incorporating some sea veggies into your diet can be as simple as:

  • Adding a piece of kombu to a pot of beans or soup during cooking
  • Sprinkle kelp granules over your salads or hot dishes just like you would use salt
  • Making a nori wrap (this is what’s used to wrap sushi)

For recipes, check out Andrea’s website here or the Integrative Nutrition recipes featuring sea veggies.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Butter

“The endocrine system loves butter,” Andrea said.  Even if you’re cutting out other forms of dairy like milk and cheese, consider keeping grass-fed butter (like KerryGold butter) in your diet.

3. Cook Your Kale

If you have thyroid issues, then raw cruciferous vegetables may not be the best choice. You might want to skip the kale smoothies and salads, and eat your greens cooked instead. The reason is that the cruciferous vegetables contain goitrogens that may disrupt the thyroid if consumed in large quantities. Other cruciferous veggies include cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower.

4. Slow Down Your Eating

The thyroid gland is located in your throat area, so it literally connects the mind and body. When you rush while eating, the food moves so quickly from mouth to stomach that the connection from mind to body is not strong. The mouth doesn’t know what the stomach is doing and vice versa. This is good health advice no matter what: sit down, slow down, savor, breathe and chew your food. Since the thyroid is the master of your metabolism, you want to eat slowly enough so it can record the message that food is entering the body.

5. Drop the cell phone

We already know about the connection between cell phones and brain tumors. But this little radiation machine that you hold up to your ear is awfully close to your thyroid gland as well. A good alternative is to get a headset to use while speaking on the phone.

6. Find Your Voice

Once again, if you look to the anatomy, you find the thyroid gland located in the throat, the center of our communication with the world. Andrea has found in her practice that people with hypothyroid tend to “swallow down” what they really want to say. It’s been very healing for them to learn to speak their truth. On the flip side, she has found that people with hyperthyroid are talking too much, and can benefit by listening more.

7. Do Yoga

During my experience at yoga teacher training, I was astonished and delighted to learn how much the yoga asanas can stimulate and support the entire endocrine system. The shoulderstand (sarvangasana) is especially beneficial for stimulating the thyroid gland.

8. Support Your Adrenals

The thyroid and adrenal glands work together, so if you are exhausted and depleted you may benefit from adrenal support. In the Be Well store we offer Adaptogens, which are herbs to support the adrenals, as well as an Energy Formula that helps you fight fatigue.

Have you healed your thyroid naturally? Please share your thyroid treatment tips with us here.

  • Ami

    I am appalled by this article. Not eat raw cruciferous vegetables—I don’t think that is particularly accurate and if you have Hashimoto’s its advised to stay away from iodine rich vegetables or you are magnifying your immunity.

  • Aimée Marie

    Actually I have seen several places where it talks about staying away from cruciferous/goiterous related foods.

  • mangala


  • @Ami – every cell in your body requires iodine. When it comes to Hashimotos you need to heal the digestive system first. You can read more about that here: http://www.andreabeaman.com/health/are-graves-and-hashimotos-disease-incurable/#.VDg7875cL4g

  • Phillip Idunate

    i first heard Dr. David Brownstein refer to America’s fear of iodine as “iodine phobia” ;-) http://drsircus.com/medicine/iodine/iodine-dosages

    as a current cancer patient, i’m on almost 300 milligrams of iodine daily, which is 2,000 the RDA. sounds bizarre but consider that we are heavily exposed to other toxic halogines (fluoride, chlorine, bromide) in our environment and food. iodine is antimicrobial, elevates the bodies PH, and aids to detoxify our bodies.

    thank you for all your informative posts @Andrea. eating a strict vegan diet i don’t always agree with some of your dietary advise, but i respect and admire your experience and compassionate desire to share your knowledge <3

  • Denise Osborne

    So Adaptogen capsules is a good idea to get the thyroid healthy again., as mentioned above.

  • Lynette

    Hi Andrea. My.19 year old daughter & I are Happy to have come across your article. She was recently diagnosed w/ hyperthyroidism on 3/26/15, which brought on tachycardia, some hand tremors, itching & occasional sweating when doing normal things like standing to wash dishes. She was away in College as a Freshman taking 7 classes, eating College Food & most likely overwhelmed & stresses. She spent 8 days as an impatient to Get the inflamed thyroid, rapid Heart rate, hand tremors & edema in her legs & feet under control. She is 5’5″” 192lbs and We are Looking to change our eating & workout regimen to aid in a natural approach to getting her thyroid back in balance. Presently she takes methezanol,(thyroid drug) atenanol (beta blocker), centrum multivitamin & seasonique (birthcontrol) to jumpstart & regulate her menstrual, which she hasn’t had since she was 12years old..We would love to connect with you, to Get her on a Holistic Path to health, and to eventually wean off of the drugs once the Thyroid & TSH is balanced again. Please excuse some of my misspelling of the medical terms & drug names, as I was typing fast.

  • @disqus_5Yk2rM89i1:disqus – your daughter is blessed to have you guiding her. I’m happy to hear you are looking to improve your eating and workout regimen to get her thyroid back in balance. You can read more about herbs for thyroid that can help here: http://www.andreabeaman.com/health/suffering-from-thyroid-disease-try-these-herbal-remedies/#.VT6n3abAGOA

  • Jess.s

    Wait, is this article for HYPO or HYPER?? I have an overactive thyroid, meaning I produce too much iodine, therefore what should I be doing? Not very clear..

  • @Jess.s – your thyroid doesn’t produce iodine. Your thyroid produces hormones. The article above is for general thyroid health, whether you are hypo or hyper.

  • amjad

    need your medical advice

    40 year old woman patient

    muscle and joint pain
    she have both legs swelling
    we made many test mri for lumbar spine. urine analysis .hbalc
    all tests ok but but tsh too much high 100.0000 uiu/ml
    thyroid microsomal abs {anti TPO 345.1
    THYROGLOBULIN abs 115.19
    dr .give ,euthyrox 100 ug for 2 month
    now she tack euthyrox 100 ug more than 2 month but problem
    stil same
    best regards

    email:amjad [email protected]

  • @amjad – I do not give out medical advice.

  • Mariie Ramirez

    Hi I’m 21, years old and just got diagnosed with borderline thryroid . what should I do

  • Patricia Jasmin

    I used to suffer from hypothyroidism for about 10 years so I have tried every treatment & supplement there is. Unfortunately nothing had any positive effect at all on me but after countless online research & trial/error I was actually able to completely cure my hypothyroidism. Here is what worked for me:

    1. Take thyroid hormone supplements. I would suggest speaking to your doctor about which ones exactly as they vary in countries but they offer great initial help.

    2. Follow every step in the free video & guide seen at the following link:

    curehealthproblem*com/hypothyroidism (obviously change the * for a dot as it won’t let me post links here). This will tackle hypothyroidism in a natural way. This is very important.

    3. Take up one of the following: tai chi, yoga or meditation. Not only will it show benefit through exercise but it will improve mental state.

    Try those two steps and hopefully you will get as much luck with getting rid of hypothyroidism as i did. Another final tip is to up the protein in your diet. Just remember it does not have to be a permanent problem, medications may slightly ease symptoms occasionally but you really need to tackle the root cause. Good luck! xxxxxx

  • Mayur Patel

    have u considered veganism

  • Chanel

    Hi Andrea, I’m 24 130lbs 5’3 I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism when I was pregnant 4 years ago. My main concerns were the heart palpitations,sweating and fatigue. Since then I have dropped from 190lbs after pregnancy to 130 and I’m still working on lowering it. I have a very healthy eating and lifestyle and was wondering if Hyperthyroidism could go away on its own. Although my heartbeat is still a little fast I haven’t had any heart palpitations in a very long time as well as no random sweating and fatigue. Could it fully go back to normal if I continue my healthy eating and lifestyle?

  • @Chanel – I too had hyperthyroid, and my thyroid has been normal for 20 years after my initial diagnosis. Your thyroid may be a challenge, but it can function normally and healthfully as you continue caring for yourself. You may want to incorporate lemon balm herb to help regulate your thyroid as well. Keep up the great work!

  • Connie

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 18 Mos ago. Old Dr of many years never told me about that but new Dr . who I’m not fined of said I had it.sends you to get lab work done and back to him.every3 most I don’t have not even one symptom of hypothyroidism except for blood work. Almost died from levethroxine couldn’t blooreathe if I walked across the floor. Quit my levethroxin.about 2 wks.ago and have never felt better .Please tell me what I should do Teo cure it forever.

  • @Connie – I’m happy to hear you’re feeling better. It’s important for you to continue taking good care of yourself with a balanced diet and lifestyle so you can keep feeling better and better and better. Keep up the great work!

  • Lisle

    Hello Ms. andrea, I’ve been looking in the internet some helpful remedies for my thyroiditis. Then I came across your article. I want to ask what are glutens and what foods contain it.

  • @Lisle – gluten is a protein found in many grains like wheat, rye, and barley. Not everyone is allergic to gluten. You can read more about that here: https://www.andreabeaman.com/health/you-eat-gluten-how-could-you/

  • Kiruthika ArunKumar

    Hello Andrea Dr. Mam , I am on hypothyroid treatment since 2008 and taking 100 mcg Thyronorm from 2013. Could you please tell me some natural steps to reduce/remove my thyroid problems…I experience muscle weakness,getting tired easily,weight gain,sleep disturbances,anxiety – hand trembling,digestive issues etc…I have high cholesterol ..78 kg,165 cm,36 year old lady …..I would love to connect with you, to Get myself on a Natural Path to health, and to eventually wean off of the drugs once the Thyroid & TSH is balanced again. If I undergo detox program with extra virgin olive oil & epsom salt(recommended dosage) ,will I be fine.Thanking you a lot in anticipation.

  • @kiruthikaarunkumar:disqus – you can start by following the recommendations in this blog. I think a liver detox or detox program can work for a lot of people, but not for ALL people. If your body is in a state of deficiency, then detox protocol may be too much for your system to handle. You can learn more about that here: https://andreabeaman.leadpages.co/nourishing-thyroid-health/

  • Valerie

    Hi…I’ve had a goiter for the past 4 years, my levels have always been borderline, until this year. I’ve officially been labeled with hyperthyroidism, but I’ve also shown symptoms for hypothyroidism. After having my iodine uptake completed, it’s now considered inflammation. Are the above tips helpful to help heal and decrease the inflammation. I’m looking for natural options. I’ve eliminated beef and pork from my diet. Thanks in advance.

  • Peggi

    I was told the same thing by my acupuncturist and it made a huge difference in my digestive system. I don’t eat anything raw or cold (except nuts)….each person is different and should find what works for them. No one diet works for everyone.

  • @Peggi – that’s correct! “No one diet works for everyone” – you’ve got to find what works for you and what makes your body feel well.

  • Robert King

    Men have thyroid issues also. I have been hypothyroid since 2004 and have been taking levo and synthroid.I would like to slowly wean myself off of these medications. Unfortunately i have limited funds and no insurance to be able to afford all the supplements and tests.Is there an affordable solution to help me?
    Any input would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

  • @disqus_fUDd3BwfrJ:disqus – weaning yourself off medication is a process. The first thing you need to do is address any nutritional deficiencies. If your body isn’t getting what it needs, the thyroid is going to slow down. If you are stressed and overworked, the thyroid will slow as well. So, getting your diet and lifestyle in balance is the first order of business. You can find more information about healing the thyroid naturally in my book, Happy Healthy Thyroid https://www.andreabeaman.com/health/happy-healthy-thyroid-2/#.Vzn17qvntU4 And, there is a TON of free information on my thyroid blogs that can help as well. Relax, kick back with a good book and start getting to know your thyroid and what it needs.

  • isha singh

    hello andrea! i am isha i am suffering from hyperthyriodism my tsh is 7.23 ,weight is 40 kg(earlier it was 50kg) please help me my weight is decreasing.suggest me to normalise TSH without medicine.

  • @isha singh – I am not a doctor, so I don’t give out medical advice. To help normalize your weight, it would be wise to start drinking some bone stocks to nourish your body on a deep level. You can learn more about that here: https://www.andreabeaman.com/health/is-your-body-feeling-weak-invest-in-some-good-stock/

  • Molly

    Hi lisle, I have just been diagnosed with Thyroidtis. It is so painful! Have you found anything that helps? How long did yours last for?

  • Molly

    Hi Andrea I have been diagnosed with viral thyroiditis. I’ve had it for two weeks now. I don’t eat much gluten or sugar as I try to embrace a paleo diet most of the time. Do you have any suggestions for speeding up my recovery please? Also I don’t want it to develop in to hypothyroidism later on. I am sick of having to take painkillers all the time! Thank you.

  • Hi Molly – I think paleo is a good choice because it takes out a lot of the refined foods, but I don’t think it works for everyone. It’s a good thing that you don’t eat gluten or sugar, but there may be other things that are contributing to your inflammation. You can read more about naturally healing Thyroid disease in my new book: Happy Healthy Thyroid: https://www.andreabeaman.com/health/happy-healthy-thyroid-2/#.V2CHJzfntU4

  • Shaylen Snarski

    cruciferous vegetables are good for us, you’re totally right about that. Like this article, there are others that are gravely mistaken about this as well. The problem for people with hypothyroidism and raw cruciforms vegetables is just not having enough iodine. What we should do is make sure we’re getting enough iodine and just don’t have 10 cups of raw cruciforms vegetables a day. Cooked don’t have the issue at all, some even try to say cooked do but better sources tell me they’re fine.
    People with hashimoto’s DO need iodine, but they have to be very careful that they don’t get too much.

  • Komal Singh

    Hi Andrea Beaman i m 32 year old and i am suffering from thyriodism my tsh is 12.5 ,weight is 92 kg please help me to come out from suggest me how to normalise TSH with daily exercises.

  • @disqus_hphEdD3soy:disqus there’s a lot you can do to normalize your weight and your tsh. Start by committing to take a 35-40 minute daily walk. Another exercise you can do is to slow down, relax and chew your food. That means, do not bite and swallow. You can read more about that here: https://www.andreabeaman.com/health/take-human-bites/#.V350IzfntU4

  • margie777

    I am a 49 year old healthy female. 3 months ago I decided I did not want to contribute to the torture and slaughter of animals so went vegan. About 2 or 3 weeks into my new lifestyle I developed a lump in the throat sensation. Somedays it drives me crazy and other days I can tolerate it. It is usually not there when I first wake up but get gradually worse as the day goes on. I have googled the crap out of this trying to find a solution. I really want to remain vegan. Do you know any other vegans that have had this problem?

  • Diana Patricia Flores

    I have been taking Levothyroxine
    I feel horrible I have no energy I have gained 20 pounds I eat right and after reading all the things on line I decided to stop taking the medication and go another way.
    I remember before starting the medication not having any of these symptoms

  • @margie777:disqus it sounds like you may be eating something that is irritating your thyroid. Veganism is a wonderful way to cleanse the body, but if you are eating lots of tofu or other non-fermneted soy products, it may not benefit your thyroid. Also, if you are eating too much seaweed that can affect the thyroid as well. There are lots of vegan foods (and animal foods) that can aggravate the thyroid gland. You can read more about that in my book: Happy Healthy Thyroid https://www.andreabeaman.com/health/happy-healthy-thyroid-2/#.V4QsUjfntU4

  • @dianapatriciaflores:disqus awwwh I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling horrible and gained weight after taking the thyroid medication. You are not alone. I hear that from many other people suffering with thyroid conditions. Try some of the suggestions in this article. You may also want to try some of these herbal remedies to help speed up your metabolism. https://www.andreabeaman.com/health/suffering-from-thyroid-disease-try-these-herbal-remedies/#.V4QtUjfntU4

  • faiza

    hi my name is faiza i ask about thyroidism..i have been operated due to hyperthyroidism before 7 years and from that time i been taking thyroxin and Qalsan regularly but i have not any improvement in my disease i m suffering from calcium deficiency and muscles problems i also take care of my diet but i feel no change in my condition kindly suggest me a treatment for it please

  • @faiza – By law, I cannot suggest a “treatment”for your condition. But, I can suggest that you enhance your diet and lifestyle to improve calcium absorption. Exercise is one of the best ways to improve “calcium” and mineral absorption. Make sure you’re getting sufficient exercise. For the muscle problems, opt for massage and daily stretching to help relax your muscles. As far as your diet, most people think they are eating healthfully but they are not. You can read more about that, and the various other lifestyle factors connected to thyroid disease in my book Happy Heathy Thyroid: https://www.andreabeaman.com/health/happy-healthy-thyroid-2/#.V5ZBnBTntU4

  • Abbie Benson

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  • Abbie Benson

    I am writing to appreciate the marvelous work done by restoring my life,i have been diagnosed of heart disease since 2014, ever since then i was diagnosed of having this killer disease, which have taken many individual because it was confirm that the virus goes through all the system breaking and killing any humors in the body, so it almost took my life away until i was doing a research on the net on how Dr Akuna has cured several person of this disastrous ailment, and after reading the article on the net testified by one lady i decided to also give it a try and behold i wrote to him, and without wasting time he wrote back to me, saying i will be totally cured when i receive his herbal medicine in 2 weeks and i believed him and did what was needed to prepare my cure and after he sent to me through courier service and when i received it and used it in 2 weeks i went back to the same Doctor and was confirm negative from my heart disease, today i obliged others having this same disease to contact this strong herbal Dr on his EMAIL:[email protected] or his MOBILE:+2348154625070 or VISIT HIS WEBSITE:http://drakunasolutiontem.wix.com/dr-akuna

  • Penny Albritton

    These very comprehensive guidelines provide a superb overview on the current evidence about treatment modalities for patients with hypothyroidism,click the link here.https://hypothyroidismremedies.wordpress.com

  • Dee

    Hi , I have just one question before I start my journey on a road to be “hypothyroidism free”
    While starting this , do I need to continue my synthroid medication of 100mg? ( taken for hypo) please advise :)

  • @Dee – I can’t give you any medical advice. But, I can say that many folks have eventually gotten off their meds as their thyroid starting functioning properly again. Here’s some info on Thyroid Meds: http://andreabeaman.com/what-was-the-most-prescribed-drug-in-2013/

  • Penny Albritton

    I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with treatment what I had.The patients who suffers from hypothyroidism and who really wants to learn the truth about how to permanently overcome hypothyroidism and enjoy life again,click the link here.https://hypothyroidismremedies.wordpress.com

  • Jade

    Hi Andrea,
    What do you recommend for shrinking thyroid nodule. I already practice yoga and eat healthy. I have gone through a very stressful past year and that’s when I noticed the lump. I’ve been seen by my Dr who requested an ultrasound I’ll be getting in few days. Hoping to be able to use a holistic approach for treatment. Thank you for your time!

  • usaflyboyswife

    Can Hyper cause symptoms of mania,insomnia,excitedness,depression,and early menopause?
    I stated meno at 39, 5 children, low egg count. Wanted 1 more, and even with fertility drugs i couldn’t get pregnant again. Had 4 miscarriages, with a set of twins at 19 yrs old. 1st living child at 23 yrs old. Last child at 38 yo. Never had a problem conceiving. About 9mo after last childbirth, I was exhausted. Pos for EBV.
    Epstein Barr Virus.
    Although exhausted and at my highest weight ever of 202 3 yrs later, NEVER had a problem losing weight after children, SO, I
    Had followup bloodwork, pos for Hyper. That was 6 yrs ago. I thought…holy LITERAL COW! I’M 202, And hyPER??!?!?!
    What if I were NORMAL OR hyPO???? HOW BIG WOULD I BE THEN?
    Took only a yrs though, and by 40, I was in meno. I’m 49 now. Still get hot sweats, now MORE insomnia, and at times depression. Does the thyroid regulate all of these things and could this be why I’m miserable alot? I do have other medical conditions, ibs, ulcercolitis, anemia, migraines since I’m 8, RA, Ankylosing spondylitis, neuropathy in hands and feet….but it’s more my nervous, and reproductive systems than skeletal.
    Not looking for medical advice, just wanting to know if thyroid has something to do with this. Our mothers give us the “talk”, but they should have this talk with us about meno. If my thyroid is regualted, should panic, anxiety, insomnia, day and night sweats, dissapate? I haven’t worn a long sleeve shirt or a coat in 9 years surviving ny winters. I have worn tanks or spaghetti strap tops with a ZIPPER UP Hoodie to get off easily when I have these hot flashes. (A pullover is just too time consuming and usually gets stuck getting over my head, which in turn causes a panic attack! Lol. ) thanks for any info.
    Ps. I’m HYPER, hence the RANT! LOL
    PSS I’m not now or have ever taken a thyroid medication. I was never offered and never requested it. But was told, “I SHOULD BE on it”
    I thought the thyroid could straighten itself out, and didn’t want to gain extra weight back that I had lost.
    I was 187, and lost 40 lbs in 3 months buying a home. I thought it was stress,, I’m 5’6″ so, 147 wasn’t bad. I couldn’t eat and ended up at 132. I was way too thin. I was 123 after I had my 1st child and looked great at the time. 145 would be my lowest I would go.
    Again, sorry for the rant, but ty again.

  • @usaflyboyswife:disqus – yes, all of your symptoms could be related to thyroid trouble and something called “liver heat” in TCM. If you’re not taking any medications I would highly suggest taking an herb called Motherwort for starters. You can read more about that here: http://andreabeaman.com/suffering-from-thyroid-disease-try-these-herbal-remedies/

  • @Jade – I recommend a lot to help with shrinking nodules. Even though you may be eating “healthy” you could be eating foods that are contributing to the growth and inflammation of the cells in your thyroid. Start by reading this: https://andreabeaman.com/the-thyroid-requires-iodine-to-function-properly-just-dont-overdo-it/

  • Jade

    Thanks Andrea… Great info! I started the seaweed 2 to 3 times a week and for selenium 2 Brazilian nuts daily. My women’s vitamin that I started taking few months ago also has 225 mcg iodine from kelp and 25 mcg selenium. I have not been taking women’s vit as suggested because I forget it’s 3 daily. I’ve only been taking one but as of last week I’ve been taking the 3 daily as suggested. My question is should I stop the vita with the iodine and selenium and just stick to the seaweed and Brazilian nuts? Also do you do phone consultations?

    Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge with all of us. I truly appreciate it!

    Ps I’m kind of afraid to eat I don’t know what to eat. I’ve been sticking to juices and raw foods. I’m worried I’m not getting enough food and my thyroid will be even more off balance.

  • Ginger Blair

    Hi I was diagnosed 3 years ago with hashimotos my TPO was 190 but had all other normal thyroid function so I was put on synthroid, then 6 months ago I was told that I had no more antibodies in my thyroid and they lowered my dose of synthroid to the lowest dose then 6 weeks ago I was taken completley off synthroid and was told I now am hyperthyroid maybe graves disease my TSH is 0.01 I am experiencing hunger all the time with no weight gain and anxiety and irritability. I have flutters in my chest I went to see 2 diferent endochronologist both said I may need radio iodine to destroy my thyroid. I am getting an uptake scan tomorrow.. I’m so confused hashimotos to possibly graves disease?

  • @ginger_blair:disqus – Both Graves and Hashimoto’s are autoimmune conditions. And, it’s easy to toggle back and forth between the two of them. You can read more about that here: http://andreabeaman.com/are-graves-and-hashimotos-disease-incurable/