9 Tips to End Your Sugar Cravings For Good

Sugar Addiction

In the past few months, my sugar cravings have all but vanished. As I look back to figure out what I did, I’ve come up with a few tricks and tools that have helped. I didn’t do these all at once, and I don’t recommend you tackle all of these steps either. Choose 2 or 3 that resonate with you and start from there.

1. Stop Eating Sugar

Sugar is an incredibly addictive substance. Dr. Robert Lustig explained to 60 Minutes that sugar is “as addictive as cocaine.” In order to say sayanara to your sugar cravings, you must stop eating sugar, plain and simple. The less you eat it, the less you crave it. Easier said than done, I know, but that’s the necessary first step. The good news is – once you do this, cravings diminish quickly and dramatically.

2. Eat Fat, Fiber and Protein

Now that you’ve cut out sugar, what can you eat? Focus on eating the most satiating foods: fat, fiber and protein. Fat, fiber and protein will keep you full and keep your blood sugar steady. Have avocado, nuts and coconut oil for healthy fats. Eat lots of veggies for fiber. And have lean meats, eggs, fish and beans for protein.
So this means breakfast might be a protein shake, with some coconut oil added, plus some chia seeds or ground flaxseed for fiber. Lunch or dinner might be salmon (protein and fat) over salad and veggies (fiber) with avocado (fat).

3. Meditate

The mind is always racing outwards, chasing the next bit of stimulation – whether that’s checking your iPhone for new messages, or thinking about the next meal or sweet treat. Through meditation, I practice teaching my mind to “sit still” and focus on the breath. Through my daily meditation practice, I’ve witnessed how restless the mind is, always chasing the next thrill. Slowly, gently, persistently I work to return to the present moment. This actually helps to unravel cravings so they don’t have such a strong pull.

4. Do a Cleanse

Every time I’ve done the Be Well Cleanse, it has helped to nip sugar cravings in the bud. The Cleanse shakes have lots of protein, which helps to keep blood sugar steady. They have fiber which makes me feel full and satisfied. The two week detox gives me plenty of time to re-discover healthy meals and snacks, and get serious about avoiding some foods that sneak into my diet like caffeine and too much dark chocolate. The best part is that on the Cleanse, sugar cravings disappear pretty immediately.

5. Kill Yeast

Often you crave sugar because your gut is hosting yeast and those little critters love to feed on sugar. The way to “starve” the yeast is by not feeding them sugar. Supplements like Mycoflora can also be helpful.

6. Chew Your Food

Digestion starts in the mouth. Digestive enzymes start the process of breaking down starches into sugar. When you cut out processed foods from your diet and chew your food well, you’ll start to notice the natural sweetness of fruits, vegetables and even brown rice.

7. Have a Sweet Treat

I have a few sweet treat ideas up my sleeve that can really come in handy when you want a snack that’s not a sugar bomb. Frozen cherries dusted with cacao powder. Key lime pudding. Chocolate mousse with a chili pepper kick. A warm cup of almond milk with a dash of cinnamon and stevia. An apple with walnuts. All of these can really hit the spot!

8. Get Scared of Sugar

Or perhaps I should say: get informed about sugar. Kris Carr says it well in Crazy Sexy Diet:

“Sugar taxes your immune system and is highly addictive. Excess sugar (especially the devilish white stuff) robs your bod of minerals, lowers your precious pH, rots your teeth, wigs out your pancreas, feeds candida, fires up inflammation, osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer, stresses your nervous system and adrenals, and screws with normal hormone function. It also makes you feel crappy after the initial jolt subsides.”

And Dr. Lipman explains in his book Revive:

“Not only does eating too much sugar lead to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay, it is also one of the biggest contributors to low energy and feelings of being overwhelmed – it has even been scientifically linked to depression.”

Still want a McFlurry after hearing that?

9. Get Excited about Healthy Foods

Get excited about the healing power of whole foods! Read the book Superfoods by David Wolfe. Experiment with superfoods like chia seeds and goji berries. Get energized from green juice and green smoothies. Go to the supermarket or farmer’s market and try a new fruit or vegetable you’ve never had before. Don’t go on a diet — embark on a healthy journey and have fun along the way.

Please share: what tips have helped you to quit the white stuff?

  • Most people will find if they “white knuckle” sugar withdrawal for just a few days, their cravings will diminish tremendously. Then they’ll kick themselves for not trying it sooner!

  • Heather

    I love this! I quit sugar 10 years ago and got rid of seizures, depression, acne and weight gain, along with food addictions to sugar! Great article!

  • My Peace Of Food

    I’ve tried to eliminate sugar before, but I always fall off the wagon. My husband and kids at the grocery store like to pick out their cookies … the holidays bring in Christmas treats, apple pie, Italian fruitcake … any suggestions for helping the ENTIRE family cut out sugar? I know how bad it is for you, and I have big dreams for my family, but it’s hard and that’s why we all succumb to the temptation!

    We’ve made a lot of changes to our diet already — I don’t eat red meat or pork products, we cook at home perhaps all but once a month and we don’t eat a lot of processed snacks like crackers, chips and lunch meat. I just can’t seem to conquer my sweet tooth, and my husband has no real interest in doing so either.

  • Kat

    For some of this this is really important, but it is just as important to understand how very addictive this is. I was frustrated because a couple of 6 week diets completely -100% – sans sugar did not touch my cravings and within a few weeks i was right back to where i was before. But i’m a real sugar addict. I remember when i was 3 years old one day my mother said we were out of Nestle’s Quik for milk. I told her i would drink the milk IF she added sugar. I really struggle with sugar. A doc told me last year that if the sugar addiction is severe and passes blood/brain barrier, it will take 10 months to kick the addiction. That made sense to me, given how hard this has been. So i did 10 months beginning in January. With the exception of occasional ketchup, i did really well. I still used stevia, and quite a bit. Still not kicked sugar, and fell off the wagon around Halloween. Next year i’m going to do it again, but this time also go sans-stevia and most sweet fruits except as the very occasional treat.

  • Deb Behuniak Haydock

    I sympathize with those who can’t imagine a “sugar-free” world! I love the comfort sweet foods bring but have seen my blood sugar rise to the pre-diabetic level and am freaking out. (I also was a pasta addict for years.) I’m vegetarian but going more “Paleo”…check out “Bare Root Sweets” and other Paleo-based dessert cookbooks and internet recipes. You can make treats without sugar, wheat, etc. Not for the person aggressively eliminating candida, though. I have high protein smoothies in a.m. which are like chocolate shakes. To my Vitamix (a must in my kitchen) I add few handfuls of spinach or kale, scoop of whey protein powder or vegan (raw) protein powder, almond milk, walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, hemp, 2 TABL raw cacao (Navitas Naturals has wonderful options with raw cacao products) and a dropperful of English toffee stevia (amazon has great supply of flavored stevias…really helps!) This is delicious, I promise! Now obsessed with raw cacao desserts…Good luck all!

  • Anna

    I’m sorry but none of this stuff works. I’m still watering at the mouth for some form of sugar even three months later. I always have a hearty breakfast of either beef sirloin , boiled eggs, or wild salmon with a side of some good carbs and yet still sugar crazy. Being full makes zero difference and in my dreams im working at a donut shop. :P I however have found out that when I do eat very spicy foods I eat less sugar.

  • jem

    then you have a candida issue. Try using caprylic acid which is the active ingredient in coconut oil. Takes the cravings and destroys all the bad systemic yeast in our bodies.

  • sam

    I looked in my house. Every god damn thing I own has sugar added. When you all go buy food, look for sugar on ingredients. Heres a tip to read scientific names, any word with “ose” at the end is a form of sugar they use to fool you) put it back. In your mind, replace “ose” with “toxic” (Don’t make the mistake of looking at nutrition facts, some food like broccoli have sugar but its natural) My bag of broccoli was the only thing in my entire house without sugar added to it. Its ingredients read: “Broccoli”

    Gatorade is one of the worst things you can drink in athletics. There I said it. The last thing your body needs is liquid sugar to jumpstart your body. Doing that for a whole game? That will fry the engine over time. There are far better alternatives than toxic chemicals mentioned above. A banana and water. You’ll notice that most pro athletes eat a banana or something and just drink water out of a gatorade bottle for there entire game. Here in America, we never get to see athletes diet during their workout, instead we get a gatorade bottle flashed into the camera.

    Another note. Sugar in liquid form added to food or beverages is what makes it so bad for you. Your body can’t process it and it absorbs all of it into fat. Orange juice is about as bad as a liter of coca-cola which is beginning to look like its as bad as cigarettes. Instead of lung cancer you die of a heart attack.

    So broccoli and water it is today, and tonight I am doing grocery shopping.

    “I am going to season my broccoli for flavor with unprocessed seasonings, I won’t let any companies season my food with sugar ever again, because I want to make my food taste good without chemicals.”

    Say it to yourself and you will be cured.

  • sam

    yeah she’s right, companies are taking advantage of our system that allows yeast to live inside of us and produce sugar so they know you can’t quit until you get rid of the yeast in our digestive system.

  • sam

    If you can kill the yeast in your digestive system it makes it a lot easier because yeast produces sugar even when you’re not eating sugar. That makes it so much harder to stop eating sugar because you’re still getting sugar.






  • Garrislaw

    I have cut my sugar cravings down to almost nothing. I just quit for 2 weeks, and lo and behold, I stopped craving it. I no longer drink sodas and I drink unsweet tea. If I want something else to drink, I pull out my juicer, but mostly now, I drink filtered water and unsweet herbal tea!

  • ANNA

    “Sugar taxes your immune system and is highly addictive. Excess sugar (especially the devilish white stuff) robs your bod of minerals, lowers your precious pH, rots your teeth, wigs out your pancreas, feeds candida, fires up inflammation, osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer, stresses your nervous system and adrenals, and screws with normal hormone function. It also makes you feel crappy after the initial jolt subsides.” LOL THIS ONE REALLY MAKES ME HATE SUGAR..IM SUGAR ADDICT..ITS AWFULL…