A Journey of Healing:
One Patient’s Cleanse Transformation

A few weeks ago, I met with a patient named Jackie who is a 30-year-old woman working in retail in New York City.  Because of her job, she’s on her feet all day. The problem? She had major muscle pain, or “myalgia” in her feet. She had so much pain that she had to wear sneakers all the time.

A few weeks later when Jackie came bouncing in the office wearing cute summer sandals, I knew we had to share her amazing story. Here’s how her foot pain went from a “9” to a “1 or 2.”

What symptoms you were experiencing before you came to the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center?

I had been suffering from severe pain in my feet that radiated up my legs to my knees. Everything felt swollen all the time. I couldn’t get comfortable in any of my shoes, not even sneakers.

What were you doing to relieve your symptoms?

I’m on my feet all day at work and was popping up to four Advil every four hours at times. One day the pain was at a 9. I called my doctor who sent me to see a podiatrist that afternoon. She didn’t even touch my feet but looked at them and said “you need bunion surgery, orthodics, physical therapy, and possible reconstructive surgery on the right ankle,” because my arch had collapsed pretty badly on that side. Worst of all I had to give up running. I ran out of there crying and in even worse pain. Clearly this was not what an active 30-year-old wants to hear. I knew I had to take another approach to healing.

What plan did you and the doctor come up with?

A few days later I found myself at Eleven Eleven Wellness Center. I spent an amazing two hours with Doctor Tony and Health Coach Kerry. Step number one was to put me on a two week Cleanse mixed with some acupuncture.

What was your experience on the Cleanse?

The first three days of the Cleanse were rough. I pretty much slept for three days while my body detoxed from not drinking coffee. After that I slowly started to feel better in my body. After the first week I lost the bloat I had been carrying around for months. By the end of the two weeks I lost weight, my skin was glowing, I slept better, I felt overall more alert and clear. But the most amazing thing NO MORE PAIN!!!!! I went from a 9 on my worst days to maybe a 1 or a 2. I haven’t felt this good in years.

What are your next steps for going forward?

I decided to continue the Cleanse for another two weeks because my body told me to keep going. I couldn’t be happier with my new lifestyle and the wonderful support from Kerry and Dr. Tony.

Before the Cleanse Jackie told us that she was eating “everything” on the ‘not allowed’ list — including gluten, dairy and sugar. Poor diet is one of the biggest causes of chronic inflammation. Luckily as we saw with Jackie, chronic inflammation can be reversed by taking some simple steps:

  • Avoiding pro-inflammatory foods, especially wheat, dairy and sugar
  • Eating foods that cool inflammation, such as fruits and veggies, spices like turmeric and salmon
  • Decreasing toxicity, by eating organic as much as possible and taking antimicrobial herbs to wipe out the bad bacteria from the gut
  • Taking probiotics to restore the balance of good bacteria in the gut
  • Acupuncture

I’m so happy that she was able to bring down the inflammation through following the Cleanse elimination diet, supporting her liver and cleaning out the gut with antimicrobial nutrients. It sure beats foot surgery!

For more information on inflammation check out:

Have you had a health transformation from the Cleanse? Please share in the comments below.

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