Relieve the pain in your neck

Relieve the pain in your neck

Did you know that when your body slumps, the weight of your arms, shoulders and scapulae are forced to hang off of your already overstressed neck muscles? Your shoulder girdle weighs 14% of your total body weight, so even if you only weigh 130lbs, your poor neck is now holding up more than 18lbs of extra weight every minute of every day. In the ideal postural alignment all of that weight should rest on top of your ribcage, thus taking the stress out of the neck and shoulders. When this ‘drop front panel’ is preset, however, it also makes simple things like turning your head difficult, as these muscles and the fascia enveloping them become chronically tense and stiff.


Try this

Allow your upper body to slump, even just slightly. Now notice how far you can turn your head to each side, and how it feels to do so. Next, imagine a string attached to the top of your head, lengthening and lifting you up towards the sky. Notice how your posture improves just by consciously doing this. Then, turn your head side to side again. Feel the ease of movement and increased range you gained in your neck just by straightening up. Use this string visual any time gravity is getting the best of you, and to ensure your ideal alignment as you move throughout your day.

Cause of stress

Chronic stress comes from many places. It can be the result of bad posture as described above; our thoughts -that stinkin’ thinkin’ we are all sometimes guilty of; the S.A.D. Standard American Diet – filled with sugar, caffeine, refined carbohydrates, etc.; the numerous toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis; and many other factors. All of this contributes to the rigidity in our bodies.

Get moving

In order to get moving again and rehydrate stiff tissue, use the simple tennis ball tricks shown in the video clip. The release at the base of the skull, the suboccipitals, is particularly useful for countering the tension created by forward head posture, relieving eye fatigue and strain, tension headaches, and sinus congestion. Enjoy the freedom you can create for yourself in just a few quick minutes at home or even during your travels!

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