Announcing my New Book- How to Be Well: The Six Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life

With the arrival of Spring, every living thing, ourselves included, emerges from winter’s shadow, ready to embrace the sun, warm breezes and lengthening days. Spring is also the season of growth, renewal, and fresh starts – making it the perfect time to launch my new book, How to Be Well: The Six Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life, my user-friendly guide to health and wellness made simple.

Inspired by the thousands of patients I’ve worked with over the last four decades, How to Be Well: The Six Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life, is the distillation of all the wellness wisdom my Health Coach team and I have shared with our patients about how to create lasting energy, wellness and vitality.

The book is, however, anything but a look back. It’s about creating wellness now in a world where the odds can feel as though they’re increasingly stacked against living a healthy life. In fact, I’m seeing a rising tide of ever younger patients with debilitating digestive issues, metabolic imbalances, chronic fatigue and auto-immune problems, as well as waves of people in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s who feel as though they’re aging way too quickly, dealing with memory and energy issues far too early in the game.

But the good news is that everyone can turn ill-health around – and that’s where How to Be Well: The Six Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life comes in. The mission? To cut through the health and wellness clutter and make the process of getting well, less arduous, less confusing, less chaotic and dare we say it, simple, no matter what age or stage of life you’re in. In How to Be Well, I’ve put together the ultimate wellness manual, organized in a simple and engaging way, packed with easy-to-embrace health tips and suggestions to take up at your own pace.

This self-guided approach puts the power and responsibility in your hands. You become the author of your own unique health story. There’s no drill sergeant barking out orders, just the tools you need to create your own tailor-made wellness plan and internalize your own healthy habits.

What’s unique about this beautifully illustrated book is that you can to start at any point, picking and choosing the healthy habits you’re ready to adopt, adding more good habits over time. How to Be Well isn’t your typical linear ‘self health’ book – it’s circular – so you can enter at any point, depending where you are, where you need to go and at what speed you want to get there, be it days, months or years.

How to Be Well is a treasure trove of my best advice, strategies and takeaways on how to eat, sleep, move, protect, unwind and connect with yourself in the healthiest possible ways. I hope you will think of it as your total wellness handbook, that will guide you as you build and maintain your healthiest and most resilient self.

To pre-order your copy and receive some free gifts, visit and begin your How to Be Well journey!

PIONEER IN FUNCTIONAL AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINEFor Dr. Frank Lipman, health is more than just the absence of disease: it is a total state of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing. Dr. Lipman is a widely recognized trailblazer and leader in functional and integrative medicine, and he is a New York Times best-selling author of five books, How To Be Well, The New Health Rules, 10 Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat, Revive and Total Renewal.After his initial medical training in his native South Africa, Dr. Lipman spent 18 months working at clinics in the bush. He became familiar with the local traditional healers, called sangomas, which kindled his interest in non-Western healing modalities.In 1984, Dr. Lipman immigrated to the United States, where he became the chief medical resident at Lincoln Hospital in Bronx, NY. While there, he became fascinated by the hospital’s addiction clinic, which used acupuncture and Chinese medicine to treat people suffering from heroin and crack addiction. Seeing the way these patients responded so positively to acupuncture made him even more aware of the potential of implementing non- Western medicine to promote holistic wellbeing. As a medical student, he was taught to focus on the disease rather than the patient, and now as a doctor he found himself treating symptoms rather than the root causes of illness. Frustrated by the constraints of his training, and the limitations in helping his patients regain true health, he began a journey of discovery to search for the path to meaningful long-term health and wellness.He began studying nutrition, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, functional medicine, biofeedback, meditation, and yoga. Dr. Lipman founded the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in 1992, where he combines the best of Western medicine and cutting edge nutritional science with age-old healing techniques from the East. As his patient chef Seamus Mullen told The New York Times, "If antibiotics are right, he'll try it. If it's an anti-inflammatory diet, he’ll do that. He’s looking at the body as a system rather than looking at isolated things."In addition to his practice, Dr. Lipman is the creator of Be Well, an expanding lifestyle wellness brand he founded in 2010 to help people create, sustain and lead healthier lives.