Why does my Doctor not take my muscle pain seriously?

Unfortunately most Doctors regard musculo-skeletal problems as relatively unimportant  and all types of bodywork, including manipulation as having no benefit. This does a huge disservice to their patients as the musculo-skeletal system comprises a major system of the body, and its importance goes far beyond that of providing a supportive framework. The musculo-skeletal system comprises roughly 60 per cent of the structure of the human body, and it expends most of the energy of the body.

A mechanically sound and well-integrated musculo-skeletal system is essential to good health. Many different health philosophies have always recognized this and have developed various procedures to correct imbalances and changes in its function. The Osteopaths are probably the ones who have developed the most sophisticated philosophy and procedures to correct dysfunction in the musculo-skeletal system.

My experience has shown me that dysfunction of the musculo-skeletal system can cause or contribute to all sorts of diseases. This can be in the area where the soft tissue injury is or in distant areas as well. Releasing these chronic holding patterns in these soft tissues not only frees up physical holding which affect function, but also releases emotional holding in those tissues.

“The recognition of the importance, in the overall economy of the body, of the musculo-skeletal system, its proneness to dysfunction, and the repercussions of such changes, and finally the recognition of the ability of therapy to normalize such dysfunction by one or more of a variety of manipulative procedures, represents the essence of osteopathy’s individuality.”

Quote from Leon Chaitow N.D., D.O., M.R.O.

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