Ask A Health Coach: How Do I Get Back on Track?

My summer has been amazing. But it’s also been packed with chips and dip, BBQs, and indulgent vacation treats. When the days are long and the weather is warm, I’m more likely to go to happy hour on a rooftop bar, not the gym! But now summer’s winding down, and I’m finding it hard to get back on track. What do I do?

The good news is that it can be relatively easy to bounce back from a care-free summer with proper planning and the right state of mind! Follow these easy tips for a smooth transition back to your health routine.

Set realistic goals and write mantras.

It is not smart to dwell on what happened over the summer. So what if you had too many margaritas in Mexico? No one is judging you but yourself! Don’t self-sabotage – instead, be proactive by setting achievable wellness goals. Make a list of reasons as to why it is important to get back on track, and read them every morning as your daily mantras. This will help remind you why you are putting the effort forth to reestablish your routine.

Here are examples of daily wellness mantras you might use:

  • I want to feel good in my body and mind.
  • I want to nourish my being with only whole foods.
  • I will not feel bad about saying “no” as I am staying true to myself and my wellness goals.
  • I am not perfect and I forgive myself if I have little slip-ups.
  • I am committed to eating clean, eliminating the junk, and moving my body daily.

Pick a start date to reset and get back on track.

Planning and strategizing your restart is key for success. First, decide how you’ll get back on track: it may be wise to do a short “cleanse” to curb your cravings, or commit to 30 days with all whole foods. A short reset period can sometimes be a nice preface to getting back to your routine.

Next, look at your calendar and decide on a date that is best for you to put this plan into action. By doing so, you ensure enough time to prepare: Purchase a Be Well Cleanse kit, pre-order fresh groceries to be delivered on a specific date, stock your fridge and pantry with healthy essentials – do what you need to do so you can’t back out at the last minute. No excuses!

Institute a “Sober September.”

Summer is a time for BBQs, late nights, vacations, warm weather, and #roseallday. It could be very helpful to get back on track if you cut alcohol completely for a bit. I find committing to a “Sober September” can help rehydrate, detox, and curb sugar cravings at the end of the summer. Saying no is empowering, and you might be surprised how good you look and feel without the booze.

After a summer of YANG social habits, spend more time at home cultivating YIN self-care rituals.

One of the best things about summer is reconnecting with friends, spending time outside, and taking in every single sun-drenched second of the season with the people you love. But now that the days are getting shorter and the party invites slowing down, you’ve got a great opportunity to focus on you. Sleep more, go to YIN yoga, take a bath, or maybe try some infrared sauna sessions. These relaxing activities can help rebalance your system, helping you to Be Well in mind as well as body.

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