Easy Secrets to Healthy Eating for Kids

Everyone wants their kids to eat healthy, right? We have all seen the new food plate instead of pyramid. We all want them to eat a ton of veggies, fruits and whole grains, and no sugar, artificial stuff or white foods. But how exactly do we achieve that?

When I first had my daughter Liv, I truly had no clue. I read SUPER BABY FOODS and was completely overwhelmed. But I was willing to do anything for my babe, so I joined a CSA, started cooking more, experimenting more and here is what I learned:

Bringing up Healthy Children

People ask me all the time when I started getting interested in the environment and organics, health, toxins etc. I really don’t know the answer…I remember earth day as a kid & being amazed by how much we waste, how we harm the planet, and I would say little by little I started making difference choices. They can be tiny ones, like carrying a travel mug and buying as local & organic as possible, to biggies like the materials we used in building our home. When I was ready to get pregnant I took it all a bit more seriously as I knew my body would be the home for a babe & wanted to make it as 100% natural & organic as possible.