Fall In Love With Raw Cacao

I confess- I am in love…with raw cacao and dark chocolate. (Not to be confused with cocoa powder, which is involves roasting cacao at high temperatures). Whether it’s blended up in a delicious smoothie, used in my favorite dessert recipe, eaten on the go in a dark chocolate square, or especially as warm delicious homemade hot chocolate, it’s a powerful food in my diet.

How To Make Diet Resolutions Like A Health Coach

Time and time again, I’ve learned the same valuable lesson – If something isn’t built to be a sustainable and practical lifestyle change, and/or feels too extreme, I’ll dump it within months of starting. I know I’m not alone! Here’s how you can avoid this common pitfall with resolutions and create positive healthy changes with a “non resolution” New Year!

How To Reinvent Healthy Holiday Habits for Results You Can Actually Maintain

The holidays season is a much anticipated time when exciting family trips, vacations, and gatherings can cause as much stress as they do joy and excitement. In terms of our health, they are also chock-full of temptations. “I shall not drink a sip of alcohol” changes over the course of the season’s festivities to, “I’ll have just one sip”, and then to – “One glass won’t hurt.” The goal should be sustainability, not deprivation or guilt. Make this year different with our insight for healthy holiday maintenance.

The Tool That Will Help You Enjoy Holiday Meals Again

As the holidays parties and meals are added to our calendars it’s easy for our minds to shift to an “all or nothing” way of thinking when it comes to our dietary limitations. This way of thinking about the holidays is not only no fun, but also sets us up for failure again and again. The 80/20 mentality is a valuable tool that shifts perspective and creates success when eating, especially in times like the holidays when our dietary habits seem to bend and break.

Gratitude: Make It A Daily, Life-Changing Habit

Simply choosing 5 minutes a day to sit quietly and express gratitude boosts mood, decreases stress, and improves overall outlook on life. Write 10 things, or write 100 things. The number isn’t important, but, the practice is key to experiencing the impact. Give it a try, morning or night – Use these habit-building tools to truly make giving gratitude a lifelong habit, and see how the shifts begin to take shape.

The Be Well Recipe: Chai Tea Latte

One of my favorite treats of Fall is a warm latte on a crisp day.   Years ago, when I had first moved to the city, I frequented places like Starbucks and Argo Tea. I thought I was being ‘healthy’ grabbing a nice hot chai tea latte on the go. Back then, I had no… Read more »

5 Great Ways to Detox Your Closet

Fall is a perfect time for a “home detox” – cleaning out your closets, cabinets, and storage areas.

The Be Well Recipe: Golden Latte

This warm, cozy drink is perfect for fall, and full of potent antioxidants to keep you healthy.

Want to Change Your Life? Start By Changing One Habit

When you choose just one habit to focus on, you’ll quickly see that dropping that “big rock” has a huge ripple effect on other areas of your life.