Super-Immune Kids: Four Tips To Keeping Kids Healthy All Year Long

The fluctuating temperatures of Fall and Winter add complexity to an already stressful season when it can be a challenge to not only stay healthy ourselves, but keep our children and family healthy as well. If we aren’t coming down with something, our kids are. Children are more susceptible to these changes as their immune systems are still developing and often provide an extra special challenge, dietarily.

Super-Immune Kids: Four Tips For The New School Year

Here are my four top tips for helping your children to stay healthy and avoid illnesses in the new school year. The foods that make kids the sickest are sugar and dairy.   1.  Avoid dairy If you can possibly raise them without milk products, you will prevent the most common mucus conditions, especially colds… Read more »

Summer’s here – and the living should be easy

First of all, let’s make sure we get our vitamin D this summer – by getting sun on our skin without sunscreen!  Just make sure you don’t burn.  Any  little bit of sunshine will help, and your body will store the vitamin D it makes in the summer for several months.  It also feels wonderful!… Read more »

Soy – Not So Fast

Soy has been used traditionally in China, Korea and Japan for thousands of years. As a legume high in both protein and fat, it yields numerous products, many of which are now part of large industries. Among the traditional products are the unfermented tofu and soy milk, and the fermented miso, soy sauce, tempeh, and… Read more »