Why Having a Gratitude Practice is a Game Changer and How to Start One

Research has found that people who practice gratitude experience more positive emotions, better sleep, a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, increased optimism and happiness, greater goodwill toward others, healthier relationships, and less loneliness and isolation.

The Ultimate Brain Boost? Turns Out It’s Exercise

Working up a sweat has a positive impact on what’s happening inside your head—and the benefits are major, ranging from improved memory and increased focus to a better ability to manage stress.

What “Counts” as Exercise? Here’s What Science Has To Say

A 60-minute B3 session: definitely a workout.

But how about a 30-minute workout? Ten minutes? A quick power-walk during your lunch hour? We all want to be diligent about exercising regularly, but what, exactly, “counts” as exercise?