Celebrate 2011

As the sun is setting on 2010 and 2011 waits for us on the horizon, the world reflects and anticipates. This annual turning is a natural time to contemplate our personal harvests and the events of the past year. It is a powerful time to make resolutions and set intention for the coming year. It… Read more »

A Summer Ritual – Celebrate Summer

Summer is synonymous with love, romance, and joy. It is a time of celebration, which dates back to ancient days, when ceremonies were performed to represent symbolic marriages between mortals and gods. Traditionally, cultures around the world have seen summer as a celebration of the strength and fertility of Mother Earth and of other goddesses… Read more »

Spring Ritual

“Spring- a time of rebirth and revival” Spring is a time of rebirth and revival, full of new possibilities. In Greek mythology, it was the time when Persephone returned from the underworld, and everything bloomed again. April 1, in fact, used to be considered New Year’s Day, and anyone who didn’t’ realize this was considered… Read more »

The Real Meaning of Halloween

Did you know that the idea of going from door to door to ask for candy and sweets actually comes from a British custom of asking for money for the poor?

Autumn Rituals

In almost every corner of the world, autumn is a time for harvest, reflection, and reverence for our ancestors, and many fall holidays reveal those very themes.