Egg Salad Makeover

Egg salad was one of my favorite lunches growing up. Sadly, the traditional ingredients are not beneficial to ones health and instead may cause inflammation, as well as potentially expose one to harmful chemicals.

One Pan Herbed Chicken Dinner

Are you looking for a dinner that is delicious enough to wow guests, but simple enough to not stress you out? Look no further than this herbaceous chicken recipe.

A Healthy 4th of July Spread

4th of July, the ultimate day of the year to BBQ, can come with the temptation to completely let go of your diet and healthy lifestyle. Luckily, this spread will satisfy all your holiday cravings without making you get off track!

Cauliflower Chicken Curry

Curry is a frequent meal in my household. The dose of anti-inflammatory spices and detoxifying herbs is always appealing to me, and the flavors are so satisfying and comforting. This recipe includes all aspects of the Be Well Ideal Plate making it the perfect meal to indulgence in often.

Restore + Glow With This Gut-Healing And Immunity-Boosting Tonic Smoothie

If you are an avid Be Well follower, you should be aware by now of our firm belief that true health starts in the gut. A balanced gut keeps immunity up (especially during the winter months), helps to stabilize mood, and can help to ward off illnesses. Below are some of my favorite ingredients to include into a daily regimen loaded into a healing and balancing immunity boosting tonic smoothie.

Enhance Winter Immunity and Energy with Adaptogens

Adaptogens have been used for centuries for treating and preventing illness. With the growing stressors in our modern life and environment, there is a greater need to utilize adaptive herbs, berries, spices, tinctures, and medicinal mushrooms. These powerful substances replenish the energy of the cells to fight fatigue, while aiding our ability to cope with anxiety and stress.

How To Build The Ideal Plate

Eat this, don’t eat that. Crowd out, cut out, etc., etc. Everyone has an opinion about what we should be eating, and everyone has tried a diet that has worked wonders for them. Aren’t cutting calories and fad diets a bit dated? We think so. Our Be Well Health Coach, Katie Ulrich, is simplifying our meals and breaking down the ideal plate. Read on for her simplified tips and deliciously balanced spaghetti squash pasta with puttanesca sauce…

Fire Cider: Why You Should Be Sipping This Folk Remedy Recipe All Winter Long

Fire cider is a potent immune-booster that can also aid digestion, keep colds and flus at bay, boost circulation, and relieve seasonal allergies and sinus infections. It can also help to break up mucus, clear congestion, and warm you up on a cold day. Fire Cider gives a natural boost to your microbiome as well by providing a healthy dose of beneficial bacteria. Not sold yet? Some say it can even lessen hangover symptoms.