Why Meditation May Really Be the #1 De-Stressor

We are officially in an era where meditation is no longer fringe. We are constantly hearing about the benefits of meditation, corporate companies are implementing meditation into their wellness structures and there are new meditation studios popping up around the country. Doctors are now prescribing meditation to patients, and it seems that science now proves what yogis have been teaching for ages. Meditation works wonders.

Surrendering To The Flow

Those people who do attempt to surrender to the flow or larger picture seem to move through life differently, with a sense of confidence and less worry. Now, we aren’t saying that this way of thought is easy, nor is it a snap and all life’s issues are resolved – but there is something to be said about a sense of ease one begins to master when they are able to shift their focus to the now, verses the what now. Learn how with holistic lifestylist, Mariah K. Lyons.