Disease Transformation

Over three decades ago, amidst a sea of healthy, young gay men whose consciousness and life-styles could be described as expansive, I celebrated a hard-earned freedom some people will never know. Then suddenly, many became very sick and started dying. I, too, became terminally ill. It wasn’t even called AIDS then, and HIV had yet to be discovered.

Conscious Courage

I’ve found myself adrift in modern times; the future looks bleak. While being a focused person of good intention, I’ve looked around the world and thought, “What could possibly save us?” This serious pondering has given birth to a concept, as well as a plan for my own course of action, which I call Conscious… Read more »

Why Focalizing Now?

Our world has been deeply impacted by confusion and suffering stirred up by worldwide economic insecurities and resultant rapid shifts in experience and perceptions. On the other hand, never before in history has our global, human inter-connectedness been so tangible. To not seize the opportunity for self-growth and transformation in these times would be tragic…. Read more »

Spontaneous Remission From Collective Insanity

Insanity, it has been said, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is what appears to be happening globally as the evolution of humanity is at a turning point: Old paradigms and a challenging new awareness are straining to coexist.   Our world is primarily anchored in linearity and… Read more »