Injuries, Exercise and Massage

Massage is important for many powerful reasons, including detoxification and stress relief. But, when people ask me why to get massage or why it’s important the answer that resonates with most “type A” New Yorker’s is that it helps you get into good shape faster with less stiffness and soreness, allowing you to push
your body harder. Perhaps most important is that massage helps prevent the injuries that will set you back.

Reach Out and Touch

I have been giving a weekly massage to a wonderful elderly woman, Marie, for many years. She’s a petit spitfire that broke boundaries for woman in the financial world when she was working. We were talking the other day in her home after her session about how she looks forward to our appointments. “I’ve realized… Read more »

Dry Skin Brushing

A simple at home detoxifier Being a typical busy New Yorker/single mom I was on a search to come up with easier and better ways to take care of myself. I was chatting about not having enough time to do this with Susan Shields, one of the massage therapists that work for me. She suggested… Read more »