Mind and Health

There is a factor in your health which is often left out of the healthcare picture: your mind. Once you realize that your thoughts cause biochemical shifts in your brain, which in turn cause reactions throughout your entire physiology, your mind becomes a health practice.

There is nothing new in this fact. What is new is the greater degree to which we understand the thought-brain-body interaction. The most significant interaction is around fearful thoughts which lead to a fearful body.

Stress And Meditation

It is a given that stress negatively affects our health. It is therefore important 1) to be aware that we have entered into a state of stress, and 2) to have self-care skills, such as meditation, to reduce the stress state rather than just suffer it. Without awareness, we can live in or near a… Read more »

Ultimate Healing – PART 3

Brain Research and Higher Consciousness In unexpected ways, science and mysticism are joining hands. — David Brooks, The New York Times In the past, higher consciousness was considered the property of religion and the territory of mystics. But we are living in a time when it is the scientifically minded seeker, not the religious believer,… Read more »

Ultimate Healing – PART 2

Extensive use of art and images to awaken higher consciousness” The Way of Art: Both Roman Catholicism and Tibetan Buddhism make extensive use of art and images to awaken higher consciousness. Across all cultures, perhaps the single most familiar image of higher consciousness is the mountain, a symbol of a higher view of reality. Another… Read more »

Ultimate Healing: Part 1

Spirituality is a human trait with great health benefits. The goal of religious and spiritual practices is to awaken this trait in you.

Breakthroughs To The Universal

If a pill could give us any of these experiences, it would sell in the billions. A natural part yourself can give you these breakthroughs without a pill.

Spiritual Motivation

Developing one’s own spiritual path and search is different for each individual, yet the end goal is the same.