Breast Cancer Prevention Strategies
A 12 Step Program

Susan Luck gives her 12 steps to preventing breast cancer from eating organically to supplementing your nutrition to avoiding plastics. Choose your food wisely – eat as organically as possible, and limit animal fats as endocrine disruptors and heavy metals accumulate in the food chain. The higher your animal protein source, the greater the potential… Read more »

The Buzz About Cellphones: The Case For Precaution

The media is abuzz with the latest research news on the potential impact of cell phone use on human health. The most recent research study by the Radiation Research Trust, a UK-based charity, focuses on the health effects of electromagnetic fields from wireless technologies. The report released on August 25th, 2009, and signed by global… Read more »

Growing Healthy Children

Children face unique hazards from pesticide and other toxic chemical exposures. They take in more pesticides relative to their body weight than adults in the food they eat the air they breathe, and the care products applied and absorbed through their skin Their developing organ systems often make them more sensitive to all toxic compounds…. Read more »

Real Breast Care Prevention

Breast cancer prevention requires addressing the real issues surrounding the global increase in incidence of breast cancer.