I Did Barre Regularly For A Month, And Here’s What Happened

Barre has never been my fitness class of choice. I’m the farthest thing from a prima ballerina, and instead, I’ve always been more of a burpees and boot camp kind of girl. I had always been of the belief that if I didn’t sweat profusely, it must not have been a good, worthwhile workout.

Recently, though, all of that started to change for me. I found myself craving low-impact fitness classes. The go-go-go boot camp classes that used to hype me up no longer felt good in my body. They just left me feeling tired and depleted. I listened to the hints my body was giving me and started attending more and more barre and yoga classes.

I fell in love with these classes, especially barre, in a way I never expected. I found I actually liked going to barre classes. With this newfound love of pulsing, I decided to opt for an unlimited membership at my new favorite barre studio. For the past month or so I’ve taken three to five barre classes a week, mixed in with a handful of yoga or spin classes here and there. The results have been pretty surprising. Here’s what happened.

My form improved.

I’ve always been guilty of being a fitness studio hopper, rarely going to the same studio more than once a week. Because of this I rarely get “good” at a workout. Going to barre almost every day, though, allowed me to really get “good” at it. I started to notice my form getting better in class. Moves that used to baffle me became second nature. The instructors also didn’t have to come over and correct me so much, and one even mentioned how much my form had improved since I started going to his class.

The workout actually got harder.

Now that my form was on point, I was actually getting a better workout. Every core exercise now feels about 10 times harder because I’m in the right position and engaging the right muscles. My triceps are sore for days after I take a class because I’ve mastered the art of keeping my arm straight during these lifts. Turns out the better you get at barre, the harder the workout becomes.

My core is stronger than ever.

I’ve now learned that every move in a barre class is secretly targeting your core. Yes, even all that thigh work. Thanks to all this core action and the added ab exercises through the class, I know my core is getting much, much stronger. Because of this, I’ve been experiencing less lower back pain in my daily life.

And, yes, I’m starting to see ab definition in a way I’ve never seen before.

I’m more excited than ever to work out.

Full disclosure: I’ve always liked working out. But even so, I found myself less than excited about the workouts I was doing previously. Since I started my barre membership, that hasn’t been the case. Because the class isn’t super sweaty and won’t leave me feeling like I’m going to puke (a real problem in some fitness classes), I never have to hype myself up to take class. Sure, there are days when I’m more tired or days where my body is sore. But without fail, I’m always excited to pull on my sticky socks and spend the next hour torturing every teeny tiny muscle in my body. Which is something I never thought I’d say.

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