The Ultimate Be Well Holiday Gift Guide

No matter what you’re looking for this holiday season — stocking stuffers, boyfriend gifts, something for mom, your BFF, your little sister, or your brother in law — we’ve got you!

The gift giving should be enjoyable and filled with love and care so we’ve put together these bundles for your convenience — because you should also have time for some self-care and a yoga class during this busy time of year.

For her

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your wife, BFF, sister, or daughter, these bundles will have something amazing to kick off her self-care for 2019.

Bath Time

Baths are the ultimate at-home relaxation experience. Let her unwind with a bath salt designed to boost detoxification with clay yet feel calming and soothing with vital minerals from the sea. Post bath she can lather up in this luxurious yet all-natural body oil. To top it off, we added the Be Well Magnesium which is calming, relaxing, and sleep-promoting — and it eases sore muscles.

Beauty Sleep

With this easy night routine she’ll get the beauty rest she deserves and wake up glowing! It’s the perfect gift for anyone dealing with insomnia or sleep challenges — or someone who travels and experiences jet lag. The eye patches will sooth and plump tired eyes, the Be Well Sleep formula  will help her sleep soundly, and the magnesium spray help relax and ease any tension.

Glowing Complexion

This kit is designed to enhance her natural beauty from the inside and the outside. Be Well Collagen Plus does wonders for hair, skin and nails – from the inside out. Radice Rose Water is hydrating, brightening and the rose scent can boost her mood and open her heart…

Tracie Martyn’s amazing all-natural line of skin care smells and feels great – and delivers the results. The cleanser is gentle yet gets the dirt, pollution and make up effectively. And the facemask is amazingly hydrating and plumping for dull and dry winter skin.

For him

I’m sure we’re not the only ones tired of giving socks to every man in our life. It can be tricky to buy gifts for our guys who have it all. These gift bundles are designed with your man-friend’s needs in mind — even if he doesn’t know he needs these yet.

The Essentials

Help him ditch the bottle water habit and up his water intake with this reusable water bottle with a built-in app that reminds him to drink water. And he can add the Be Well Powdered Multi to his water for some added benefits! And for his daily shower, this will get him both clean and hydrated — and smelling oh so good.

The Energizer

Know someone in need of a little energy boost? This bundle has him covered with the Be Well supplements specifically created to boost energy and provide the body what it needs to perform well. Mind boosts brain function and memory, Energy fights off fatigue and increases his endurance, while the MCT oil is pure fuel for his brain. In addition we’ve included an uplifting and energy-supporting essential oil blend that he can conveniently roll on to his skin and use as a light cologne.

The Athlete

For the hard-working athlete in your life, we’ve put together a few key supplements: the Be Well Electrolytes, which replenishes proper hydration and the Be Well Whey Vanilla which provides him with the protein boost his body needs after a hard session. And for his thrill-seeking side, we added the BLINK S-R Skateboard! Because what better way to get from point A to B?

For us

These are great gifts for anyone sharing a life or living space: your parents, your roommates, or even as host or hostess gifts!

New Year, New You

The ultimate reset kit! All they’ll need to hit the ground running with some new healthy self-care habits in the new year. Be Well Greens for a nutrient boost and a daily hit of green food, a Pursoma dry-skin brush to boost detoxification, fight cellulite and support the lymphatic system, and the Pursoma Digital Detox bath salts to encourage some screen-free time in the tub.


A kit for any traveling team’s daily essentials! An inspiring read by Dr. Frank Lipman, two bamboo toothbrushes, non-toxic and whitening toothpaste, a super gentle skin-exfoliant suitable for men and women, and of course, the Be Well Sleep Plus formula to help any traveler quickly get back on track when changing time zones or simply sleeping in a new bed away from home.

At Home

Set their home up for success with this wellness-boosting kit filled with a beautiful essential oil diffuser that will set the tone for a calm and inviting home environment. The Be Well Plant Protein will provide a boost to any morning smoothie, while the Be Well Reds is a great daily antioxidant boost. Finally, the Roll-On Relax essential oil can be used any time the home dweller is looking to unwind, kick back and, yes, relax!

Other easy wellness gifts

These single items are perfect gifts for any wellness-seeking friend, teacher, coworker, or family member. They can also make for great stocking stuffer or even Secret Santa ideas!

7 Day Reboot

A short and powerful reset and cleanse to kick start the new year and refresh after the Holiday indulgences.

Ernest Shaving Box

A great-looking shaving kit for any man in your life.

Be Well Greens Powder

A great gift for busy people who still want to eat well and live well.

Grown Alchemist Face Oil

Organic, antioxidant-rich, nourishing, and deeply moisturizing, this luxurious bottle of face oil is sure to please.


Yep, this funny-looking ball is a portable tension release tool that vibrates to help loosen and release tightness.


Despite the look, this is not a drill, but an amazing vibration massage tool to help improve mobility and accelerate warmup and mobility for any athletic, gadget loving friend in your life.

Dry Brush

This simple tool is an amazing detox helper that leaves the skin smooth and the body energized.

Whoop Strap

The next thing in wearable fitness technology, the Whoop Strap will monitor your strain, sleep, and recovery 24/7 and provide the most accurate and granular understanding of your body

Radice Illuminating Face Mask with Rose

A deep cleansing, regenerative, purifying, and hydrating face mask that smells truly divine.

Campo Relax Roll-On Oil

This calming blend of essentials oils is soothing to any stressed-out human in need of some R&R.

Santal Epicer Scented Candle

This is not just another scented candle! It’s organic, sustainable, and made with an incredible blend of essential oils.

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