Be Well Living with Amanda Chantal Bacon

Amanda Chantal Bacon is a super-inspiring woman who merged her passion for health, food, healing, and well-being to create Moon Juice, a cult-favorite line of medicinal, plant-sourced tonics, dusts, juices, and snacks for those seeking beauty, wellness, and longevity. She is a force in health with a mission to change the way we produce and consume food, but she’s also a down-to-earth mother (who occasionally serves dark chocolate for breakfast). Be Well sits down with Bacon for a candid one-on-one.

Wellness Inspiration: I love and have gained great wisdom from Dr. Pratima Raichur, Donna Gates, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Ron Teeguarden, Ina May Gaskin, Nadine Artemis, David Wolfe, Weston Price, (obviously) Dr. Frank Lipman, and many others along the way that are not in the United States and are so buried in their practice, without email addresses, and it takes days to find them hidden down dirt paths.

Health Passion: On a personal level, being a part of a movement that is changing the way food is produced and consumed. I wanted to go to work every day and be excited to put the best stuff in my body and that of my child’s.

Wellness is ______: Feeling deeply comfortable and connected to the source.

Guilty Pleasure: I can’t say I feel guilty about it, but I don’t like to wear sunscreen (I don’t let myself burn). My son and I eat dark chocolate for breakfast some mornings, and I curse daily, since it brings me a lot of pleasure!

Relax & Chill Out: I meditate daily. I make adaptogenic tonics multiple times a day, and I really like kissing, hugging, and loving.

Exercise of Choice: My preference truly is walking. It’s a luxury that I’m trying to make daily space for this year—a brisk 30-minute walk a day.

Must-Have Beauty Products: I have Odacité Clair de Lune Radiance Serum on me at all times, and Juice Beauty mascara for extreme circumstances. I have a serving of Moon Juice Beauty Dust in warm water every day. It’s a blend of powdered tonic herbs based on an ancient empirical formula that increases collagen and silica production, tones and firms tissue, and fortifies skin, hair, nails, and cell membranes from the inside out.

Sleep Routine: I’m making a huge effort to clock seven+ hours a night. This includes setting an alarm to tell me to start to tune out, having a cup of Moon Juice Dream Dust, spraying magnesium oil on my body, and lying on my BioMat.

Travel Carry-ons: I always take my gnarly Ayurvedic mud toothpaste, Dead Sea minerals soap bar, Lypo-Spheric vitamin C, and Moon Juice protein. I do travel light because I find that wherever I go I love finding local treasures, so I like to leave enough room for them. My philosophy is to pack light and come back bursting at the seams!

Favorite Healthy Destination: India, always!

Current Reading List: The Ramayana and The Yoga of Herbs.

Always in Fridge & Pantry Staples: Fermented veggies, nori wraps, ghee, microgreens, coconut flour, Himalayan pink salt, apple cider vinegar, maca, cacao, cordyceps, avocados, frozen strawberries, organic stevia.

Favorite Way to Reset: High-quality plant protein and good fat foods, fermented foods, green foods. I drastically cut out sugar, grains, and caffeine.

Daily Supplements: I supplement my potion-making-and-taking with daily vitamin D, Thyrostim, L-Theanine, GABA, Krill Oil, and Pregnenolone.

Favorite Healthy Food On-the-Go: Raw, activated, stone-ground nut or seed butter. I will literally drink it out of the jar when hungry and on the go.

Ingredients I Always Avoid: Sugar and wheat.

Can’t Live Without: Sunglasses (my blue eyes burn easily), my son, Rohan, and alone time.

Current Mantra: Victory.