Be Well Living with Elissa Goodman

L.A.-based holistic nutritionist Elissa Goodman believes we are a product of what we eat. Her mission is to educate and encourage healthy, mindful living through an understanding of how food directly affects the body. We talk to Goodman and get a crash course in healthy living.  

Wellness Inspiration: This is such a hard question to answer, because there are so many people that I admire! When it comes to wellness, Dr. Lipman is definitely on the top of my list, as well as Dr. Libby (Australia), Dr. Christiane Northrup, Kris Carr, and Dr. Axe. I get life inspiration from Marie Forleo, Louise Hay, Brené Brown, and Alessandro Giannetti.

Health Passion: I want to help my clients get to the root cause of their health issues. Most people have been feeling unhealthy for way too long, and I want and need them to feel empowered and see results as soon as possible. This also requires them to get in touch with the emotional and spiritual reasons for their health challenges. The ones who are willing to do this work see faster results.

Also, I’ve been in most of my clients’ shoes with all types of health issues throughout my life. I wouldn’t stop until I found my own answers. This has been the most incredible gift I could have given myself, and now I get to do it for others.

Wellness is ______: Wellness is thriving in life, not merely surviving. When you thrive, all areas of your life benefit. You have more purpose, more energy, more focus, and more self-love. You vibrate at a higher frequency and energetically operate at a level that isn’t impacted by the energy of others. This keeps you resilient to what life throws your way.  

Guilty Pleasure: Binge watching a really good Netflix show.

I grew up in Arizona, so homemade tortilla chips and guacamole and salsa with a high-quality tequila on the rocks with lots of limes is heaven for me.

A really good cup of organic coffee with some creamy coconut milk and MCT oil to start my day, even though I know it’s hard on my overstressed adrenals.

Relax & Chill Out: Daily, I use my Calm app and commit to mini-meditations and breathing exercises in between clients.  

I have a weekly yoga practice that restores and keeps me calm, and I try to commit to a minimum of three times a week.

I get a reflexology foot massage at a local Chinese foot spa at least once a week. This is calming for my central nervous system and a quick and easy way to relax anytime of the day.

Morning Start: I’m just as guilty of waking up and checking my phone as everyone else, but I do make an effort in the morning to list five things I am grateful for in that moment.  

The first email I read comes from “Waking Up with Ryan.” He  writes these beautiful morning emails that really ground me from the moment I start my day.  

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