Be Well Living with Sadie Lincoln

Sadie Lincoln calls her mom her greatest wellness inspiration. Growing up in a house that eschewed fads and embraced nature, Lincoln parlayed her healthy upbringing into a global fitness phenomenon. Her boutique fitness company, barre3, is breaking new ground with its innovative approach to fitness and well-being. We sit down with Lincoln for a healthy, heartfelt conversation.  

Wellness Inspiration: My mom is No. 1. She intuitively knows how to live a full and healthy life. I learn just by being around her what is good for me. Growing up, she didn’t chase trends like eating a fat-free diet, excessive exercise, or buying into magical formulas for health. She simply stays close to nature, lives simply, and takes time to reflect. A good formula for everyone, in my book!

Health Passion: I am most passionate about the idea that each of us is our own best teacher. It is incredibly empowering and results oriented to cultivate a mindful practice that leads to self-awareness and body wisdom. Each of us is so wonderfully diverse, so why would we live a healthy life like someone else does?  

Wellness is ______: Wellness is about continuously cultivating ways to live a full and vibrant life, moment by moment.  

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate chips dumped right into the peanut butter jar, sleeping in, binge watching The Office.  

Relax & Chill Out: I have a twice a day mindful and meditation practice. First thing when I wake up and before I transition from work mode to mom mode in the early evenings. I don’t meditate one way. I let my inner intuition guide what kind of practice of being still or slowing down I need. Some days I do a mantra-based meditation. Some days I move mindfully and with my breath. Recently, I have picked up tarot card reading and enjoy contemplating the card I draw each morning.  

Morning Start: I don’t jump out of bed, and I don’t look at my phone! This is a relatively new practice for me, and it is a game changer. Instead I lie in bed and focus on what I hear and see. Often it’s birds or the rain hitting my window here in Portland [Oregon]. I then either sit up and meditate, or I do a slow, mindful barre3 workout with my breath to get centered. Next up is a cup of tea or coffee and a green smoothie as I get my kids off to school.  

Exercise of Choice: Barre3. I know, I know…I am biased! But I really am my own best client. I need barre3 as much, if not more, than my clients do! We have built-in permission in every class to take the movements and energy whatever direction your body is craving. Some days I need a heart-pumping endorphin high, and more often than not, I crave a way to turn my thoughts inward towards my body, my breath, and how I am feeling in the moment. This is the most healing and rewarding benefit of our b3 classes.

Must-Have Beauty Products: I love Dr. Hauschka’s skin-care line and specifically the Revitalizing Day Cream. I also have this wonderful rose water tonic from Rootfoot. I barely wear any makeup. Tinted CC Cream from Juice Beauty. W3LL People has a nice multi-use stick I use on my cheeks and lips. Sometimes I wear mascara. Beyond that, my secret weapons are water and green tea!  

Sleep Routine: I make a giant cup of chamomile tea every night. I’m in bed (with my two rescue dogs and husband) by 9:30, and I either watch a show or read. Then lights out.  

Travel Carry-ons: Essential oil that I spray on a big cozy scarf. My own tea bags and a thermos. Los Poblanos Lavender Salve for lips and hands. My own trail mix creations, like coconut ribbons, goji berries, dried pineapple, almonds, and dark chocolate. A good book. A pen and notebook in case I get inspired to write.

Favorite Healthy Destination: I think Hawaii is one of the most healing and rejuvenating places on earth. I am hosting a B3 retreat in Maui on May 20, and I cannot wait!

Current Reading List: I’m really enjoying Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words, by David Whyte. I also just finished Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight, which is a great read for any entrepreneur faced with trying times. Next up is A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman.

Always in Fridge: Flax, hemp seeds, parsley, spinach, pears, homemade nut milk, La Croix sparkling water, organic half-and-half, good coffee, kimchi, bone broth, smoked salmon, avocados, eggs, coconut milk yogurt, rosé, beer.  

Pantry Staples: Ginger and turmeric roots, coconut oil, olive oil, steel-cut oats, gluten-free and regular pasta, home-canned tuna, lots of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, a variety of different flours ranging from almond to whole wheat, brewer’s yeast, nut butters, good sea salt, chocolate chips, lots of different kinds of rice, beans, good red wine.

Favorite Way to Reset: I drink this B3 smoothie for breakfast, snack, and lunch: Water, ice, spinach, mint, fresh ginger, cinnamon, pear, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax meal, and a splash of vanilla. Dinner is mostly veggies with some fish. This plus drinking water all day and a good workout is my go-to reset!  

Daily Supplements: Vitamin D and fish oils every day.

Favorite Healthy Food On-the-Go: Dolmas are one of my favorite on-the-go snacks. And, of course, a handful of nuts when I am in a real pinch.

Ingredient I Always Avoid: Artificial sweeteners, colors, and trans fats.  

Can’t Live Without: I can’t live without authentic connection that is honest and heartfelt. Even if I was alone on an island I would need this! I can always look inside for connection. It starts there anyway.

Current Mantra: Home. Home is my word for the year. Each year I pick a theme to focus on. Last year it was Be Bold. This year it’s all about coming home and honoring my truth and my roots.  

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