Be Well Living with Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is the purveyor of healthy living. A mother of two, a self-proclaimed Tracy Anderson junkie, and a longtime patient of Dr. Lipman, Paltrow has become the poster girl for wellness chic. Be Well spoke with Paltrow about clean living and discovered that vegetables aren’t the only thing the Oscar-winning actress indulges in.

Health Passion: I am pretty passionate about helping shed light on what I see as a little bit of an epidemic: Women do not feel well. Autoimmune [diseases], metal [exposure], [poor] gut health—there seems to be a mysterious convergence of factors that are conspiring to make women feel exhausted, down, depressed, forgetful…the list goes on and on.

Guilty Pleasure: Red wine and French fries.

Relax & Chill Out: Without fail, I take a bath at the end of the day. I soak in salts and oils. It works wonders for me.

Morning Start: I start my day with a giant coffee. I will never stop. Don’t even think about it.

Exercise of Choice: I am a die-hard Tracy Anderson junkie; I have been for over a decade. No one comes close to her methodology, in my opinion.

Must-Have Beauty Products: I am a clean-beauty fanatic, which is pretty new to me. I used to be careful about foods I was eating and filtering my water, only to be rubbing endocrine disruptors, parabens, and chemicals all over my skin, which would be transdermally absorbed. When I couldn’t find organic products with the texture and efficacy of conventional products, I decided to make them. I formed a joint venture with Juice Beauty in San Francisco, and together we made incredible makeup that can sit shelf to shelf with all of the commercial benchmarks we used to create the line. I never go anywhere without my goop by Juice Beauty skin care. The luminous melting cleanser and instant facial are legendary.

Sleep Routine: After my bath, I try to shut off devices and get into bed with a hot cup of valerian tea. I like to be asleep by 10:30 p.m. at the absolute latest, but often it’s much earlier.

Current Reading List: I have currently foregone novels for news. I am obsessed with news at the moment.

Always in Fridge: I always have a big drawer filled with fresh vegetables and lettuces. I have been trying to up my veggie intake, and I am always trying to dream up new ways of making vegetable-centric meals. Also, coconut water, berries, tons of condiments (kids love ketchup!), lovely cheeses, jams, you name it. My fridge is too full.

Pantry Staples: Legumes, raw organic nuts and dried fruits, rices, noodles, stocks, chocolate…everything a mom needs to make a last-minute meal, basically.

Favorite Way to Reset: If I get really clean with my food for a week, I feel completely reset. I will abstain from alcohol, anything baked, processed, or fried, dairy, gluten, and grains and really focus on vegetables and protein.

Favorite Healthy Food On-the-Go: I halve an avocado and fill the hole with homemade miso dressing and eat it with a spoon.

Ingredients I Always Avoid: Corn syrup, canola oil (or any of those super-refined oils), preservatives.

Can’t Live Without: I cannot live without Apple and Mosey, my children. They are the absolute loves of my life.

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