Be Well Living with Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas believes everyone can have beautiful skin, which is why she is one of the most-sought-after estheticians from L.A. to New York. Her namesake skin-care line is favored by celebrities, supermodels, and editors alike. Be Well sits down with the popular skin-care expert to talk fitness, health, and, of course, beauty.  

Wellness Inspiration: Kimberly Snyder, Dr. Lipman, and Norma Kamali.

Wellness is _______: To me, wellness isn’t about being perfect but finding balance with everything that makes you happy. Good sleep, healthy foods, and a good dose of fun.

Guilty Pleasure: Reading juicy biographies of all my favorite musicians I grew up listening to.

Relax & Chill Out: My Peloton bike helps me de-stress completely, and I like to paint with watercolors and acrylics every night before I go to bed.

Morning Start: Wake up at 5 a.m. to do a spin class on my Peloton bike.

Must-Have Beauty Products: My beauty routine is my skin-care line. I wash my face nightly with my Vitamin C Face Wash. I follow with both my serums and my Daily Hydrating Cream. I travel so much that I always have an array of sheet masks in my purse at any given moment. My must-have in my makeup bag is a Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil and a tinted moisturizer.

Sleep Routine: After cleansing and doing my skin care, I read my kids a story and I paint for an hour before I go to sleep. Painting helps me relax and think through my problems. I find it a great way to shut off my brain before going to bed.

Travel Carry-ons: I always travel with a bottle of my Rejuvenating Serum, because nothing makes me feel more hydrated. I also travel with Kaia Naturals’ Juicy Bamboo face wipes, because they’re soothing and make me feel clean. I always have a handful of my sheet masks, which I use during every flight. I always bring extra for the flight attendants!

Favorite Healthy Destination: I love going to Turks and Caicos. Nothing makes me feel more rejuvenated and rested than putting my feet into that powdery, white sand.

Favorite Way to Reset: Juice Generation is an easy way for me to reset. I love their Supa Dupa green juice, and I always have their Quinoa Taco Salad for lunch.

Daily Supplements: I take Be Well’s Hair, Skin & Nails and Glutathione daily. I take a probiotic supplement daily as well.

Favorite Healthy Food On-the-Go: Juice Generation is my pack and go, always. I tend to stick to Supa Dupa greens—I always have a bottle or two in my bag at any given moment.

Ingredient I Always Avoid: Chocolate, just because I’m more of a salty eater if I’m going to indulge.

Current Mantra: True beauty comes from embracing what makes you unique.

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