Get The Glow: Collagen Reds Superfood Smoothie

As we age, collagen production often slows, making it that much more important to supplement. From helping to restore the digestive lining, soothing signs of inflammation, to supporting skin health and reducing signs of aging – collagen is an easy boost that can help us be and feel our best from the inside-out. With cleanses and detox on our minds, what better way to utilize collagen’s properties better than in a delicious smoothie with benefits…

GET THE GLOW: Collagen Superfood Smoothie 


8 oz choice of nut or coconut milk
1 scoop Vanilla Plant Protein
1 heaping tablespoon Collagen
1 scoop Reds
1 cup frozen berries
½ avocado
½ inch peeled raw ginger


Blend all ingredients together and serve as a smoothie or smoothie bowl with additional fresh berries, avocado and coconut flakes.


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