Be Well’s Toxicity Workshop: How to make informed, educated choices for healthier, cleaner living

In the latest Be Well workshop, Dr. Lipman and Tiffany Masterson, creator of Drunk Elephant, the clean skin care line with a cult following, talk toxicity (internally and externally), diet, supplements—and everything clean living. Robin Shobin, founder of Charlotte’s Book, moderated the conversation and got both experts to share how they stay away from toxins in every possible way.

“Everything is a chemical, but not everything is a toxic chemical…Further to that, not everything synthetic is toxic, and not everything natural is harmless. I define toxicity as something that is destructive and harmful to your health, both internal and external.” —Tiffany Masterson

“The word natural is meaningless. What does toxic really mean? Sugar is natural; it’s toxic to most people.” —Dr. Frank Lipman

For more advice and insight, check out the workshop video below.

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