Bill Maher on the Pharmaceutical Industry

As Bill Maher says “Someone has to stand up and say that the answer is not another pill”. Sad that it is a comedian in the media, telling us the truth about drugs.
  • Mac1whit


  • Forcstr

    Why would you feature a clip that is 4 years old?

  • Marge Joyce

    We NEED MORE of this.So many turn a deaf ear,& yell, “Meds, Meds,Meds.Take your Meds. I will do anything to avoid drugs.Search out  good decent ,foods. Foods put on earth by GOD to be our medicine.
     Minnimal if any sleep meds. Drugs only to save your life. Experimental Drugs are everywhere.Everyone
    willing to use them,so they can continue BAD EATING,BAD SLEEPING habits. No exercise. The latest is STATIN DRugs, which do soooooooo  much harm.Are NEEDLESS       Only good they do is make the Drug Pushers & Docs RICH.   I say WAKE UP while you still have at least part of a BRAIN left. Hard for me to
    believe the LACK of Brains.  There are few Good Docs who will attempt to steer someone toward decent eating habits.Just enuf food, to keep us going.Plenty of WATER.Exercise. A goal of some kind in life. I believe in Lots of Dancing good music, Few LOYAL friends.  And avoid the CRAZY control Freaks of the
    world if possible, who would LOVE to drag you down to their level.  Now,Have LOTS to do.     I do realize for some it might be too late.   They have my sympathies.

  • Rika

    Bill Maher is so ahead. He has been ‘on top’ of the Commercial Food Industry,Big Pharma and Climate Change for many years. Also, he has been an advocate for what we believe in for a long time. I am so glad that he uses his show as a forum and is not afraid to blatantly voice his educated opinion.

  • Donnallah

    Cause it’s true and Truth is “only as old as it feels!”
    Get it 4 years ago, get it now., get it in 4 years from now but GET IT! Get it?

    This Registered Nurse has been sharing the light of truth with everyone I touch for as long as I can remember–and I will continue to do so–as long as there is breath in my beautiful body.
    Time is NOT on your side otherwise, my darlings.
    Wake up!!! Stop killing yourselves!!!. Stop Killing one another!!!

    Peace & Love,
    Donna P. Crichton Harmony RN