Interview With Be Well Health Coach Katrine van Wyk About Her New Book: Best Green Eats Ever

Dr. F: What inspired your recipes in the book?

KvW: A lot of the recipes in the book are based on dishes and meals that I cook all the time! Nothing fussy or fancy here – just simple, delicious and yummy food without too many ingredients or steps. I try to put a serving of something green on the dinner table every night – and it almost always happens.

I get inspired by the farmers market, by my travels and by eating out. You’ll find some recipes with some Asian flare that are inspired by my trips to South-East Asia, and others with a hint of my Scandinavian roots.

And I have to admit I love food blogs and spend way too much time on Instagram and Pinterest!

Dr. F: Why did you choose to include the shopping and pantry info?

KvW: I think a lot of us know that we should eat some more vegetables but we don’t always know how to set ourselves up for success! If we always have good food on hand – we’ll most likely end up eating good food too! I also think there is so much noise and conflicting information in the world of nutrition and food so I wanted to just bring it all down a notch! Simply the best.

Dr. F: What’s your favorite recipe in the book?

KvW: I LOVE Brussels Sprouts so I think my favorite is the warm Brussels Sprout salad with pear and bacon. It’s so satisfying with smoky, salty and sweet flavors that just hit the spot. My husband is a big fan of the frittata with greens and goat cheese. It’s a delicious addition to a brunch table, and is may be even better the next day!

Dr. F: Which recipes are your son’s favorites?

KvW: He is still very much a sweet potatos and banana’s kind of guy – but also loves sauerkraut and salmon. I think the green smoothie bowl and green popsicles are great kids snacks – and Felix is totally into it.

Dr. F: Is kale just a fad?

KvW: NO! Never. But I’m certainly not attached to kale being the be all end all of healthy food! I love good old spinach and there are so many dark leafy greens to try out. I also love crispy, pungent arugula salad. Basically, if kale is not your thing, you’ll be OK!

Dr. F: I love that all the recipes in the book are gluten free and with lots of both paleo and vegan options. What made you want to do it this way?

KvW: I don’t tolerate gluten well myself so that part was kind of a no-brainer. I wanted to create recipes that I could actually eat, and test, myself! I also believe, as I know you do too, that gluten and especially wheat and wheat products, are problematic for most people and that the wheat we eat in America today is not what our ancestors ate. A lot of my clients also thrive on a diet with less grains in general so I wanted to highlight those recipes in the book too (those would be the Paleo recipes.) A lot of people are also sensitive to eggs and dairy, or choose not to eat animal proteins, so I made sure to point out which recipes would be appropriate for them too.

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