Book Review of Clean Plates

Whether you are a local or a tourist, you know that New York City offers some of the best dining options on the planet. But what if you are looking for healthier, environmentally friendlier eating establishments? Where do you go in NYC to find meal options that are healthy, within your budget and lick-your-plate-clean delicious?

What you really need is a comprehensive lifestyle and dining guide to healthy, appetizing and sustainable eating. With Clean Plates Manhattan 2011, this is exactly what you are getting! Clean Plates is the only nutritionist and food-critic approved guide to over 100 restaurants in the greater Manhattan area that specializes in finding dining for every dietary preference. From delectable vegan dishes to juicy grass-fed burgers, this guide will point you to the healthiest and most sustainable food establishments in town. Whether you are looking for lunch on the go or a romantic night out, Clean Plates Manhattan 2011 provides you with plenty of options from fast food to fine dining, all of which use sustainably raised animal foods free of hormones and antibiotics as well as organic and locally grown produce.

Developed by Jared Koch, a certified nutritional consultant with a passion for healthy living and well-being, Clean Plates is available in compact book form, online with a detailed website and blog, as well as a mobile version. Jared teamed up with an experienced team of New York City food critics to hit the streets of vibrant NYC, where together they set out to, taste and critique the plethora of restaurants readily embracing sustainable and healthy practices. “The goal was to compile a list of the healthiest, tastiest and most sustainable restaurants that accommodate both vegetarians and carnivores and include a wide variety of
cuisines and price ranges,” explains Jared.

The Clean Plates’ screening process moves through a variety of stages, beginning with anonymous queries regarding sourcing methods and preparation implemented by the restaurants. Jared and the team of food critics have personally tasted and evaluated each restaurant’s offerings listed in Clean Plates 2011, basing their reviews on taste, atmosphere, type of cuisine, lifestyle categories, and health and quality of ingredients. If the restaurant is both delicious and nutritious, offering food options that are “organic” and completely antibioticand hormone-free, it deserves and receives a Clean Plates seal.

In addition, the Clean Plates website now offers “honorable mentions” for restaurants that offer a good option for diners without fully meeting the critics’ high standards. For example, you can find restaurants that are ”healthy but not as tasty” (i.e. they have done a good job sourcing and serving healthy food but are not up to the critics standards from a taste perspective) and “tasty not as healthy” (i.e. restaurants that are doing a decent job with quality of food from a nutrition and sustainability perspective but not as good as the approved restaurants). The website is kept up-to-date with current restaurant openings and closings as well as high quality advice on nutrition and eating healthier.

The phrase “you are what you eat” is paramount in today’s health-conscious society and tools like Clean Plates 2011 and make it that much easier to take pleasure in maintaining this lifestyle. Whether you’re a vegan or a carnivore, a foodie looking for that perfect flexitarian balance (meat and vegetables), or you simply want to soothe a craving with naturally sweetened desserts or avoid gluten, Clean Plates 2011 is the eating guide for every body.

Purchase Clean Plates Manhattan 2011 here and for more information visit and be sure to check out the blog for some informative insights into an eco-chic lifestyle.

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