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The new Autobiography, “My Spiritual Journey” by the Dalai Lama provides a vivid and moving portrait of the Dalai Lama’s life journey that is personal in tone but universal in scope. He explores three phases or commitments of his spiritual life—as a human being, as a Buddhist monk, and as the Dalai Lama—each of which has made him more dedicated to exploring and teaching human values and inner happiness, promoting harmony among all religions, and advocating for the civil rights and well-being of the Tibetan people.

In My Spiritual Journey the Dalai Lama brings the world a powerful message: one of suffering, success, and hope. A vivid and moving portrait of his life journey, My Spiritual Journey is organized into three parts:

  1. Childhood: The Dalai Lama’s childhood memories show his human dimension as he stresses the importance of relating to each other on the basis of common humanity.
  2. Buddhist Monk: He reflects upon his experience as a Buddhist monk, explaining the source of his bodhisattva ideal, and inviting readers to transform the world by transforming our own minds.
  3. The Dalai Lama: In his role as the Dalai Lama, His Holiness explains his wish to establish Tibet as a sanctuary of peace for the world, where humanity and nature can live in harmonious balance.

The Dalai Lama also weighs in on the great issues of our time, including 9/11, religious militancy, violence in Tibet, and the environment. He offers his thoughts on what he hopes will happen when he steps down, and considers what his next incarnation might be.
Despite the trials of his life, the Dalai Lama’s hope and good humor shine throughout book. Talk about Ubuntu….he truly embodies it!! I highly recommend the book.

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  • Bob Thurman

    Dear Frank,
    I'm so happy you love the book. It was originally well done by Sophia, our French colleague, but the English version is really excellent. His Holiness, like a fine wine well preserved, keeps on getting better and better, mellower and mellower, losing none of his incisive vision, from spirituality to world events. And this in spite of his people's ongoing travails under oppression.
    Lots of Love,

    Bob Thurman

  • Friquegnonm

    Thanks so much. This is a great review. I have the book.


    Marie Friquegnon

  • RiccardoVelez

    That is a wonderful review, I met the Dalai Lama in Houston, he is a wonderful human being and I have this book and thanks for this great review !