Breakthroughs To The Universal

Breakthroughs to the universal can take many forms. Experiences include:

  • becoming a field of energy
  • becoming conscious of being conscious
  • feeling enormous and yet not out of your body
  • expanding in all directions
  • just pure awareness, endless, boundless
  • feeling solid and heavy like a rock
  • feeling you could float
  • falling without hitting bottom
  • a sense of spaciousness
  • serenity and contentment
  • emotional expansiveness, laughing in a very deep way
  • joy bubbling up and pervading all things
  • grasping some hidden truth about the universe
  • feeling unity with all beings
  • having an instantly understood inner vision, an illumination
  • feeling an extraordinary inner silence
  • inflows of inspiration
  • a sudden and important creative breakthrough
  • liberation from fear
  • a “psychic” experience that causes awe
  • a deep feeling of gratefulness
  • a clear sense of inner guidance
  • an exhilarating sense of dance
  • loving all persons in one person
  • feeling oneself to be the channel for a stronger force to flow through
  • ecstasy
  • merging with a work of art
  • the delight of beauty
  • transcendence of normal time and space

If a pill could give us any of these experiences, it would sell in the billions. The fact that a natural part yourself can give you these experiences is intriguing and a source of great promise for everyone.

Some Spiritual Obstacles

We can have significant spiritual experiences and yet receive little benefit from them. This is because we can have obstacles inside us that do not allow us to accept the experiences as evidence that we are part of the universal. The following list offers you some of the reasons that new spiritual experiences will not be accepted by your mind:

  • negative childhood religious training that has left you overly cynical about your spiritual self
  • no framework or concept of the universal
  • past traumas that destroyed your trust in life
  • fear of social disapproval
  • fear of “going out there” and never coming back
  • fear of going crazy
  • fear of getting too “high” through spirituality
  • fear of being changed in some unknown way
  • fear of becoming indifferent to everyday life
  • fear of becoming God-like and grandiose
  • irrational and false ideas about spirituality, e.g., it is fantasy, it has nothing to do with this world, it is not scientific, it is strange to be interested in such things, only special people know about it, you’re never angry if you’re spiritual, nothing bothers you if you’re spiritual.

If you see yourself on this list, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many other people of all times and cultures have been on the spiritual search before you and have run into these same obstacles. By yourself, or with the guidance of others, you can examine and free yourself of the negative effects of such obstacles. Your spirituality is something of fundamental importance to your health and well-being, and it deserves your loving attention and effort.

Ardha Chandrasana
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