Change Your Default Programs

We live in an interactive, vibrational world where things are affected by our thoughts, emotions, desires, projections and intentions.  What we send out to the universe is always received and the universe always responds in some way or another, bringing back to us a reality that is specifically engineered according to the messages we have sent out, always within the context of our personal frame of reference.  Of course, this personal frame of reference may, and almost certainly will, include those group choices that we have made as a people living on the same planet.  For many people, some of these group choices are currently being dropped or re-evaluated.  This is very liberating, as almost all of these group choices have become beliefs that limit our perspective and therefore our experience.

If we look at it in a very linear fashion, our perspective dictates our experience.  In a linear world, we cannot experience what we cannot see.  If we are in the bottom of a ravine, we can see a bit of sky and the sides of the ravine.  If we are in a dark cave, we may see the walls or the opening, but not much more.  If we are on the side of a hill, we can see the slope below us and perhaps some distance past that depending on the terrain.  If we are on the top of a mountain, we can see in all directions, but largely only the peaks of those surrounding mountains.  Perspective is based on position and in our world, position is based on the group choices that we have bought into and believe, and is not so much about the street we live on or the job we have.

So, what kind of group choices are we talking about here?  Well there are many examples, such as:

  • Aging involves the significant deterioration of our body and mind
  • Fate determines what will be
  • We are victims of something or other
  • We cannot see or know the hidden mysteries of life that the masters have experienced
  • Love is something we need from others, instead of from ourselves
  • We are all separate and alone in this world

These are only a tiny fraction of the list of group choices that many of us have bought into.  Of course, there are many more, with some being more obvious than others, such as those ideas portrayed and served up to us by the media and by governments, advertisers, military, religions and on and on.

We live our lives within this context of choices that have been presented to us as fact from the time we were born.  But, in many cases they are not facts, they are just collective choices that have been made over time and by the sheer repetition of these choices we now have difficulty seeing or imagining a world that exists in any other way.  This is the lie of our existence here.  The actual world we live in is not the world dictated by these group choices.  We are not defined by the actions of others, we are not just physical beings, we are not just a bundle of nerves and emotions, we are not limited to the group perspective.  We are in fact spiritual beings of light and love with the potential to be extremely dynamic and to change our perspective at will.  And by changing our perspective, we will change our experience of life.

And the big question in all of this is “How do we effect a meaningful change in our perspective?”

The problem, as I see it, is that we too often run our lives the default mode.  This default mode is pretty much like a computer operating system.  All of our thoughts and desires get entered into the operating system which is designed to provide a certain type of result based on the input.  The result is a product of the thoughts and desires we have, filtered through the default programming that we have accepted to apply to our life.   If we change that default programming, we can change the output and change our experience of life at a very fundamental level.  In fact, the same experiences will take on different meanings once we change our perspective.  If we go back to the ravine and hillsides and mountains analogy from the beginning of this article we will see that the elevation is one of the primary factors in determining the view.  When we dare to lift ourselves out of our default programs, we will see that a whole new vista will open up and this will change the way we experience everything in our life.

Lauren Young is the author of “Journeys of a Thirsty Soul – Thoughts on Enlightenment and Evolution”.